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PRO Bike Travel Case Mega

If you long to travel with your 29er or other large bike design, PRO's Bike Travel Case Mega, is actually a superbly designed soft case with an intermediate structure that can not only transport your steed, but goes a long way to ensuring it survives intact. There are some very well thought out features that give you supreme flexibility with dropout types, sizes, etc., that you may not expect, as well as a frame mounting system and removed item storage solutions that make your life simpler and your bike much more secure.

The padded soft case features a huge main compartment, along with several internal storage solutions, and two side padded wheel slots. You get velcro mount blocks of foam for to prevent impact to strategic locations and to stabilize the mounting system. That structure is independent of the bag and the best way to mount your bike is to remove the base, measure your frame and fork wheelbase, apply that length to the adjustable rail components, set-up the dropout mounts for your specific axle system and width, and mount the frame and fork the base. You can then remove your pedals, handlebars, and seatpost with ease. Of course there are specific padded additions and bags for your parts. Then you slide the frame and base into the case which has full zip clamshell-type shape.

Of course we are glossing over a few details, but after your first or second attempt you will come to truly appreciate how well the PRO designers understand the requirements, and how to address them. Straps, velcro, zip pockets, foam padding, liner and blocks, handles, wheels- all well thought out. Is a soft case ever going to be as secure as hard case? Perhaps not, but most professional cycling teams and their riders use soft cases. Why? First they can be more flexible in use and for bike types and sizes. Second, they generally take up less room when not in use. Third, even a non-mechanically inclined cyclist can get their bike in and out of the bag and back together with a few minutes work. Are these soft cases big and less than ideal for airplane travel- of course! Yet they still get used and are great for travel in vans, panel trucks, etc., when no integrated bike racks are available.

The PRO Bike Travel Case Mega measures out in full size at 51.2" long, 9.8" wide, and 30.3" tall. Empty it weighs just under 18lbs. The outer material resists tears and abrasion, the zippers are stout, with large pulls. The side wheel pockets easily hold 29er disc brake wheels with tires installed. It all just comes together beautifully. All that said, this is a soft case with some structural support. The more it gets handled on a trip, the greater possibility of damage. Of course we have seen that with hard cases as well. There are pluses and minuses to both types. One thing we know is that larger mountain bikes in particular, especially 29er full suspension designs almost never fit in hard cases, or if they do it requires much more mechanical know how and tools to get the bike packed. So you have options. We encourage to think about how you travel and what your needs are before buying a travel case. If you have any questions, give us a call at 800.627.6664 and we will do out best to talk you through the options. If the PRO Bike Travel Case Mega is the best case your you, we believe that properly used, it is one of the better soft cases we have seen over the decades.


  • Oversized soft-style bike travel case with intermediate level structure
  • Fits all standard bike and wheel sizes, even long wheelbase 29er FS
  • Substantial base design fit case end to end, flex rods deliver upper side shape
  • Removable base has you match your wheelbase perfectly with full axle-type options- alloy frame with resin brackets, adjustable "dummy hubs", chain guide
  • Inner storage zone for small parts, support padding may strap on, or velcro to bag
  • Externally each side has large zip wheel pockets.
  • Case features durable outer material, dense foam liner, large zippers, handles
  • Four bottom mounted wheels are free moving (not rigid in one direction)
  • Loaded size at 51.2" long, 9.8" wide, and 30.3" tall
  • Weight: 17.8 lbs
  • Color: Black w/PRO Blue and logos

Note: Always check with airlines, transporters regarding size, weight, safety requirements.


Reg Price $549.99