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Hozan C-200 Pedal Wrench

The right tool for the job, built perfectly, by a legendary Japanese manufacturer. That bit sums up the Hozan C-200 Pedal Wrench. This dual-end traditional pedal wrench for 15mm and 9/16 wrench flats is excellent leverage at just over 12" long, with offset tool interfaces that keep your knuckles clear, as well as significant design features that keep the mechanic and bike safer during challenging pedal removal. This is a truly simple tool, but it is very well designed and executed with the intention that it will last you a lifetime of use.

The C-200 is made from forged chrome vanadium steel, so the tool faces are hard and precisely shaped, and the overall wrench has a nice heft to it. Take a close look at the tool interfaces. Hozan creates the proper wrench flats, but uses rounded edges to the outside to limit the potential for scratching or marring the crank arms. The cleanly cut flats are protected by the forged shapes. There are also two tool options. Both are 15mm, which are fully 9/16" compatible, but one is set inline with the length of the tool handle, and the second has a 15° angle off the centerline, for a different approach at leverage. The tool faces are recessed to the pedal side, allowing you extra room to set the tool edge while avoiding the crank arms. There many reasons Hozan's fantastic bike tools are coveted, more than a few are represented in the C-200 Pedal Wrench, and we are pleased it is available here in the US.


  • Dual-ended pedal wrench for traditional 15mm - 9/16 wrench flats
  • Superior construction with precise faces from forged chrome vanadium steel
  • Combination of 15° jaw and straight jaw tool end
  • Both tool interfaces are offset off the centerline and away from the crank arm
  • Rounded edges help to protect crank arm finish and material
  • Jaws are recessed towards the pedal for greater clearance
  • 12" long with balanced heft for greater leverage and control
  • Buy the C-200 and never use or buy another pedal wrench again
  • Made in Japan

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