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Mavic Cosmic CXR 60 C WTS Wheelset

Mavic's Cosmic CXR 60 C wheelset uses race-proven CX01 technology combined with a 60mm rim section to save watts and time in a wide variety of road and triathlon events. In fact, the CXR 60 model has become a favorite in the Pro Tour Peloton. The CXR 60 C is one of the stronger factory wheelsets available. Riders even over 200 pounds find they seldom if ever have to true these wheels.

Faster in every way, Mavic CX01 Technology delivers an integrated Wheel-Tire System that smoothes air flow around the tire and wheel and improves laminar airflow at every yaw angle. It enables Cosmic CXR wheels to deliver the lowest aerodynamic drag ever measured on a road Wheel-Tire System.

Exclusive Exalith 2 technology for aluminum rims has been refined to provide a very high level of durability and braking performance in all weather conditions. With Exalith 2, braking distance shortened by 18% in wet conditions, while keeping pads wear to normal level. The Exalith treatment is a by-product of a treatment used in defense applications where stronger alloys are required. Exalith actually penetrates the alloy to delay rim wear and strengthen the alloy by about 30%. It also maintain distinctive anthracite grey color for thousands of kilometers so it won't quickly wear off . Mavic includes new special black Mavic Exalith 2 brake pads to ensure quiet and high braking performance and longevity.

Exceptional aerodynamics are created by a 60mm carbon/aluminum rim built with 16 bladed, butted spokes laced radial non drive and 2x drive side and 16 front laced radially. The hub is made with both an aluminum axle and body fitted with Mavic's QRM+ bearings specifically designed for cycling. A FTS-L steel cassette body provides instant power transfer. The QRM+ bearings supply legendary glass-smooth performance. Shimano/SRAM compatible - call 800-627-6664 for Campagnolo compatibility.

Supplied with quick releases, wheelbags, rim tape, valve extender, CXR specific Exalith brake pads and multifunction adjustment wrench.


  • 1825 grams
  • QRM+ bearings
  • 60mm rim profile
  • Includes Grip Link and Power Link tires and tubes
  • 16 bladed, butted steel spokes front, 20 rear
  • Exclusive Exalith 2 technology

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