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Speedplay Customer Care Kit

If you prefer to service your own Speedplay pedals, and if you do it as often as you should for peak performance and long life, we highly recommend you make a small investment in the Speedplay Customer Care Kit. This pre-packaged set of products can be used with virtually all Speedplay pedals and has all the essential Speedplay products you need to keep your pedals in top condition.

Long time, high mileage Speedplay users know the Grease Gun and tube of Speedplay's recommended marine grade grease will not only get used, but you will be buying more grease over time. The professional-quality grease gun provides the hydraulic pressure necessary to flush dust and debris. Keeping your grease fresh and clean is crucial to bearing and spindle life, as well as smooth rotation. Speedplay's use of needle bearings ensures the very low friction spinning you love, but requires that clean grease. The company's recommendation is be sure to grease pedals every 2000 miles or 3 months, more frequently in dusty or wet conditions.

Speedplay's SP-Lube is specially formulated to dry instantly and bond to the pedal and cleat surfaces, creating a highly protective barrier that won't attract dirt or dust. All of the company's cleat systems cleats require routine lubrication for optimal performance and durability, and when you don't clean the bodies and cleats then lubricate with this product, you will be replacing cleats and worn parts before you know it. The direct connection and movement you love in Speedplay's pedals creates constant wear, but using SP-Lube sustains longer life and top performance.

The final item of the Customer Care Kit is the Speedplay Cleat Fastening Screw Torque Wrench. This hand held, simple click-type torque tool delivers 2.5Nm / 22 in-lbs of torque, which is the max required when installing the 4mm Cleat Fastening Screws (8) used with all Speedplay road cleats. Over tightening can increase spring related friction and release issues, as well as damage cleat parts. The tool includes a removable #2 Philips 1/4" hex bit, so you can easily replace it if you get wear or damage to the bit over time.

Buying the Speedplay Customer Care Kit saves you some money and makes shopping quicker and easier, as well as ensuring you have the proper products and torque tool to keep your pedals functioning at maximum performance level with a longer lifespan. One of the reasons we love Speedplay is that the company goes to great lengths to insure your pedal investment with proper care products and replacement parts. Your Speedplay pedals don't have to be disposable, and shouldn't be unless you ignore them. Invest in the Customer Care Kit and use it, as it pays for itself in no time.


  • Kit of essential items for maintaining Speedplay pedals and cleats
  • Convenient bundled package for one stop shopping, saves you money
  • Includes:
    • Professional grease gun w/ tube of marine-grade grease for bearings/axles
    • 2 ounce bottle of SP-Lube, dries instantly, bonds to cleat and pedal surface
    • Cleat Fastening Screw Torque Wrench provides proper torque of 2.5Nm (22 in-lbs) for 4mm Cleat Fastening Screws; includes removable #2 Phillips bit
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