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Castelli Diluvio Gloves

This is your glove for cold and/or wet conditions. Neoprene gloves are a favorite of the pros because they are warm and versatile with excellent dexterity. The Japanese neoprene is some of the highest quality available and this is what makes it so stretchy, comfortable and warm. We sell out of these gloves every year.

The seams of the Diluvio are constructed using the same technique as a wetsuit. The stitching is only on the outside, while the inside is thermo welded to make it smooth and completely waterproof. While the waterproofness is an obvious benefit in the rain, what's not so obvious is how good this glove is in the cold. It keeps your hands warm with the same function as a wetsuit for divers. It is completely non breathable, so your hand sweats but that moisture is immediately warmed to body temperature and stays warm.


  • Neoprene insulation will keep your hands nice and warm
  • Non-slip gripper on palm
  • Extended neoprene cuff to keep the wind and rain out
Reg Price $39.99
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Posted on 1/25/2014

My favorite cold weather gloves. Pros: excellent dexterity (they are thin compared to equivalent insulated gloves); superb warmth (I use them down to the mid-20*s F without even a hint of cold fingertips); they look great. Cons: not breathable (your hands will be sweaty inside the gloves [but you won't really care while you're riding, and when you get home you're going to take a shower anyway]); not insulated.

Important: not insulated. The Diluvios work very well to keep whatever warmth your body is actively generating trapped next to your hands/fingers. But, when it's COLD, they likely won't keep your hands warm (a) if you are on a leisurely ride (not generating much body heat), or (b) if you stop for some reason during your ride (e.g. flat tire, mechanical issue, etc). Thus, 4 stars. Keep riding hard and they'll keep you warm.