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Wahoo Fitness ELEMNT GPS Computer Bundle

The Wahoo Fitness ELEMNT has taken the cycling and multi-sport worlds by storm and this bundle offers their top notch sensors. The TICKR heart rate monitor, RPM Speed sensor and RPM Cadence sensor pair seamlessly with the ELEMNT, so that you can get live and accurate performance metrics. Few companies have Wahoo's ability to marry hardware, software, connectivity, and features so you know the ELEMNT covers all the bases, and introduces some new ones as well. From full wireless information sharing and uploading through both Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+ options-with WiFi to boot, as well as incredible screen use flexibility, LED indicators, ride sharing, and so much more, Wahoo may have built the perfect cycling computer. Best yet it is easy to set-up and use, much like the best smartphones.

The head unit itself is semi-compact at 2.3" x 3.5" x 0.8", but the new screen versatility and 2.7" display size makes it just about perfect for real time use on the bike. At 105 grams, the weight is more than competitive with other full feature head units. You get all the standard physical requirements: 16 hour battery life from the micro-USB rechargeable unit, IPX7 waterproof rating, shockproof casing and three quarter-turn mount options- yes three: out front, stem, and aerobar, as well as the USB to micro-USB cable for charging purposes. A quick note on the mounting interface. It is similar, but not the same as Garmin's. If you use an aftermarket mount like a K-Edge, some versions have replaceable inserts you can swap out. The unit packaging itself opens up into a large visual reference of some of the ELEMNT's features.

Wahoo gave the unit itself limited set-up functionality, as it is all done through the ELEMNT app for your smartphone. The app makes pairing and every screen option incredibly simple- and you can change it just as easily at any time. Wahoo has several buttons the unit for direct head unit interaction, with the new PerfectView Zoom buttons on either side of the unit offering one-touch zoom adjustment, which essentially enlarges just your preferred key metrics. You also get top and side LED indicators, which you can pair to specific metrics, and you can also select which option you want for notifications- such as when you receive a text, call or email per your set-up with your phone. Not stopping there, ELEMNT has sound alert options as well. Of course you have incredible flexibility with displayed data, developing heart rate zones, and you can adjust the backlighting on the display. A note on metrics and zones. While Wahoo gives you much to choose from, the ELEMNT is designed for on the bike interaction and ease of use with your choice of information. You have the ability to go to granular levels when viewing your post-ride data through Strava, Training Peaks, etc., which are easily linked through the app.

The ELEMNT uses both Bluetooth BLE and ANT+ to communicate, but also features WiFi for fast, direct uploads such as when you finish your ride and get in range of your home system. You can use both Bluetooth 4.0 or ANT+ speed, cadence, and heart rate sensors, and when carrying your phone, the Bluetooth 4.0 connection will provide a direct link for notifications. You can update firmware, or settings- virtually anything, wirelessly. The hardware is excellent and the firmware and software exceed expectations. While ELEMNT packs in incredible functional flexibility, the app keeps the whole process manageable.

The GPS system will track your data down to the second, and not only tracks but provides a map and constantly updated positioning. While it doesn't provide turn-by-turn directions, the map will keep you oriented relative to your surroundings. You can manually turn GPS on and off at the head unit if you choose, or are training indoors. Wahoo utilizes the locator to offer Live Tracking, which allows other riders or friends and family to track your location. While this seems so simple given the availability of GPS information, it is a great way to allow others to know you are safe, or have your last location if there is a problem. Meeting up with other cyclists or finding each other if you split up is convenient as well.

Do you ride with an electronic shifting system from SRAM or Shimano? If so, ELEMNT can communicate with your controller to give you visual gear indication as well as battery life. It won't shift your bike for you, though who knows if that will be an option in the future. As you would expect, ELEMNT integrates easily with your Wahoo Kickr or Kickr Snap trainer as well. Feeling futuristic right now? The ELEMNT works with the BSXInsight and Moxy Muscle Oxygen Sensors and can display saturated and total hemoglobin metrics for your workout or lap. Are you a Strava or RWGPS disciple who requires immediate gratification? Once sync'd with your Strava or RWGPS account, your saved routes will be automatically & wirelessly downloaded to the ELEMNT. After a ride, you are able send your data from ELEMNT to your account with just one click.

As you can see, the Wahoo ELEMNT has much to offer (and we only scratched the surface here), and delivers on the premise of ease of use, full wireless connectivity, and incredible integration. Yes, you need a smartphone to set it up, but unlike the RFLKT, not to use it. Ideally you still carry your phone for full feature integration. This bundle delivers everything you need to get started with comprehensive GPS, ride, and HRM data collection that can inform and fuel your training and development. Get started with Wahoo Fitness and take control of your cycling experience with ELEMNT.


  • Full featured, fully wireless GPS cycling computer with incredible features
  • Dual-band Bluetooth BLE and ANT+, transfer/wirelessly upload data, connect sensors
  • Everything can be uploaded via WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, or ANT+
  • Integrated GPS with a simple, crisp map view pre-loaded with bike friendly routes
  • GPS, GLONASS, and barometric sensor ensure positioning accuracy across regions
  • Free companion app allows you to set-up customized profiles, track performance, and share ride data effortlessly
  • Fully customizable screen and profile set-up via ELEMNT app for smartphones
  • Programmable LED's on side and top of screen indicate real-time performance to selected training metrics
  • PerfectView Zoom buttons on either side of the unit offering one-touch adjustment
  • Three tactile Smart Buttons at bottom for easy selection, toggling between screens
  • Allow fellow riders, friends and family track you remotely on rides via Live Tracking
  • Smartphone notifications via on-screen, LED, and pop-up alerts
  • August 2019 Firmware updates- ELEMNT can control open ANT+ Radar/Lights
  • January 2020 Firmware update- ANGi helmet live tracking and crash detection control features with Specialized App/compatible helmets
  • Strava and Ride with GPS Integration at a single button push
  • Kickr trainer smart control, Electronic shifting integration, Oxygen sensor integration
  • Dimensions/Weight: 2.3" x 3.5" x 0.8", with 2.7" display size/ weighs 105 grams
  • IPX7 waterproof rating and shockproof casing
  • USB rechargeable battery delivers 16 hours of run time, micro-USB cord included
  • Bundled items: TICKR heart rate monitor, RPM Speed sensor, RPM Cadence sensor
  • Includes 3 Wahoo quarter-turn mount options: stem, out front, aerobar
  • Quick Start Guide included
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