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Garmin Edge 130

The Garmin Edge 130 is the Edge GPS head unit many users have been looking for. It is compact, powerful, with solid features, ANT+ and Bluetooth BLE communication, and has the ability to load courses and set turn-by turn directions. The Edge 130 has configurable screens (5, with up to 8 fields each), but not unlimited options, which actually makes it more manageable for most non-training cyclists. You get 15 hours of battery run time, compatibility with Garmin's Varia radar and lighting units, and connectivity to get notifications via Bluetooth off your smartphone. Is this the Edge serious training cyclists and racers are looking for? Perhaps not, but there are plenty of other Edge family members for those purposes. To be fair we have already heard from TT and triathlon folks who want a lighter, more compact, and simpler unit for events only. And yes, you can still run a powermeter and get data, but not the full Cycling Dynamics options, so if just monitoring and tracking basic power data is good enough for you, so is the Edge 130.

Garmin is featuring the Edge 130 with GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo capability for increased overall positioning accuracy. The Edge 130 allows you to select from a couple of combination options, but keep in mind that when using GPS with either GLONASS or Galileo, you will use more battery power, so you may want to limit usage to areas you know will be a problem (woods, tall buildings, certain geographical locations). The Edge 130 is equipped with an accelerometer, and of course you get a barometric altimeter as well so the unit tracks how long and how far you have ridden, it also tracks altitude. Although there are no base maps or the ability to download maps, the location system works well with the turn by turn instructions for courses, and return trips. You can only load courses via the Course Creator feature in Garmin Connect™ online community, but it has gotten more flexible and is relatively easy to use. Once loaded, you can also race against Strava Live Segments.

Garmin has invested heavily in safety, building up its Varia line of cycling awareness devices. Pairing these radar and light units with your Edge bike computer, you can get alerts to approaching cars, right on your Edge display, as well as help drivers see you. With the new Varia models, size and functionality as all improved, and the price points are more accessible. Other connected features, when using a compatible device, include smart notifications, weather and more, as well as LiveTrack and assistance features that make it easy to share your location. While not a full-on, elite training bike computer, the Edge 130 will still get the job done, and it easily connects with powermeters and other sensors via either Bluetooth or ANT+.

As far as the physical details, Edge 130 is what you'd expect in a Garmin device given the company's vast experience. The simplified, rugged design has a 1.8” display (303 x 230 pixels) that’s crisp and easy to read in sunlight or low-light conditions. At 33 grams, the unit is lightweight, and the 1.6” x 2.5” x 0.6” overall dimensions make for much more flexibility when mounting, with minimal concern about the unit's safety. Like all Edge models, the Garmin 1/4 turn locking system is stable and secure, so the Edge 130 will work with all Garmin mounts. The rechargeable Lithium Ion battery delivers up to15 hour max hour rating consistently when not using advanced location systems. The IPX7 rating ensures excellent protection from the elements unless you ride your bike under water for more than a minute. Garmin ships the Edge 130 with their strap mount, a tether cable, USB charging cable and the manuals you need to get started.

Garmin's website and support structure provide complete details and with direct contact and forum support, virtually any question can asked and answered. Data transfer is via the USB cable or Bluetooth, so you have flexibility in that way. We recommend the USB cable for firmware updates, and as you will see in the start-up manual, updating your firmware at installation is a best practice. While the Edge 130 may have some limits, Garmin will continue to deliver new features, fix bugs and add functionality via the firmware. On the Garmin site, there is a Compare tool that allows you to select units to identify which features and capabilities are the best match for your needs. We believe the Edge 130 is as well executed an Edge unit that has been released, and it it suits your requirements, we highly recommend it, especially if you already work within the Garmin family of products or are also interested in the compatible Varia cycling awareness products.

Please keep in mind that this item is the Edge 130 head unit only. If you need sensors or prefer an MTB set-up, please check out the Garmin Edge 130 Bundle options.


  • Compact, easy-to-use GPS computer w/ compatible with Garmin's Varia Cycling Awareness radar and lighting systems
  • Simplified, rugged design with 1.8” display that’s crisp and easy to read in sunlight or low-light conditions
  • Sensors: GPS, GLONASS, Galileo satellites, barometric altimeter, accelerometer
  • ANT+, Bluetooth BLE connectivity; data transfer via BLE or USB cable
  • Compatible: Vector, 3rd party ANT+ Powemeter, ANT+ or BLE speed, cadence, HRM
  • Phone connected capability: LiveTrack, weather, Assistance, Connect IQ data
  • Segment compatible: Strava and Garmin
  • Calculate V02 Max/Recovery: yes (requires power and heart rate)
  • Tracks speed, distance, time, elevation, and other connected bike functions
  • Includes navigation with turn prompts and even shows you how to get back to start; plan/download courses from Course Creator feature in Garmin Connect™ community
  • Memory: 100 locations, 15 courses, 100 hours of ride history
  • Customizable data pages (5, up to 8 fields), AutoPause, AutoLap, AutoScroll,
  • Physical dimensions: 1.6” x 2.5” x 0.6” (4.1 x 6.3 x 1.6 cm)
  • Display size/resolution: 1.1" x 1.4"; 1.8" diagonal / MIP Resolution 303 x 230 pixels
  • USB rechargeable Li-Ion battery; up to 15 hours max use from full charge
  • Visual and audio alerts
  • Includes: Edge 130 head unit, Garmin 1/4 turn mount, tether, USB cable, manuals
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 33 grams (head unit only)
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