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Castelli Entrata 13 Sock

If you prefer to rock a taller sock in the warmer weather, without going too tall. the Castelli Entrata 13 Sock could be perfect for you. You get the support and mild compression that holds the cuff in place, along with proper support, cushioning and excellent breathability.

The 13cm cuff is still tall historically, but tame by modern standards, and that is okay! It is a perfect moderate height that at the very least allows you to add complementary tan lines. Still you get some crucial Achilles tendon support and a super clean fit. While each zone employs a different knit and overall fabric weight based on requirements, all feature polypropylene yarns that don't absorb moisture. A midfoot support band adds some arch support, while a reinforced heel and forefoot are joined for greater overall cushion. An open mesh fabric sits above and below the midfoot support, with a finer mesh traveling up the front of the ankle. As usual the designers at Castelli nail the details, as cyclists have come to expect.


  • Tall-ish sock designed for warm and hot weather with all the key features and details
  • Polypropylene yarns that don't absorb moisture
  • Mix of textures for breathability and cushioning
  • Midfoot support band
  • Cuff height: 13cm
  • Sizes: S/M, L/XL, XXL
  • Color: White, Black, Red


Reg Price $16.99