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Mavic Exalith 2 Rim Brake Pads

Mavic Exalith brake pads are made specifically to work with Mavic rims with the Exalith treatment. The Exalith specific treatment is a feature of Mavic's Comete Road, Cosmic Carbone SLR, Cosmic Carbone SLE, R-Sys SLR and Ksyrium SLR wheels. Exalith is a unique treatment that penetrates the alloy so the rim keeps its distinctive anthracite grey color for thousands of kilometers. It also delays rim wear and provides provide extreme hardness.

Rims with the Exalith treatment also brake extremely well thanks to their textured surface. But this surface can wear standard brake pads quite quickly. So Mavic supplies their Exalith wheels with brake pads and offers these replacement pads. There are two pads per package so order two sets for one bike. Select from Shimano/SRAM holders or Campagnolo. The Campagnolo version fits 2000 and newer Campagnolo calipers.


  • Two pads per package
  • Increases braking performance
  • Provides increased longevity over standard pads
  • Made for Mavic rims with the Exalith treatment