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 GS-13 Jersey

The Dorato jersey follows the same pattern as the Dorato bibs - offer a top quality piece at a value. Granted there are some riders that will look at the price tag and wonder where the value is. You must consider value is not about the price, but what you get for the price.

Now most of us know that Dorato means gold in Italian, however we are a bit confused about this. Normally gold or the 'gold standard' is reserved for the very best or top offering. Since the Dorato is Capo's second in line, in terms of where it fits in their range, we must assume that Platinum is the top offering and then this makes sense. Regardless of the name, the jersey is another fantastic piece made by a company who has a relatively small selection of clothing which then enables them to apply hyper-focus on everything they produce. Less products = more focus on each product. As clothing buyers, it is challenging not to want to buy everything they make in every color way.

Again, like the Dorato bibshorts, the body of the jersey is primarily made from HydroDrop fabric. This materials supple, multi-directional stretch micro-fiber, containing an active hydrophilic treatment for rapid moisture transfer, aka: wicking. A cool piece of engineering and design was how they decided to terminate the sleeves with the sleeves - a major issue in many jersey designs. Instead of using a strip of silicone or elastic and applying it the inside of the lower sleeve, Capo took some of their proprietary HG lycra and doubled it up and made it about 2" long. The elastic nature of the fabric makes it comfortable and prevents the sleeves from being either too tight and conversely, from flapping or sagging. Borrowing technology and design from the Padrone jersey, Capo's Silver fabric is utilized under the arms and down the sides of the jersey. Silver material is a quick-drying, dual knit micro-fiber with visible silver thread(hence the name of the fabric) positioned near the arm pit and side panel for increased breathability and effective anti-bacterial protection.

In summary, what you get with the Dorato jersey is great looking and fitting jersey whose technical features, although present and functional, are so subtle you are not aware of them, except for the fact they work. Keeping the heat and body temp down while wicking moisture. It is stylish by the fact it is low profile and subdued. Another classic offering by Capo.


  • HydroDrop main body fabric
  • Doubled up HG Lycra 'long' sleeves
  • Proprietary Silver fabric side panels
  • Super Corsa race fit
  • Made in Italy

    Capo Jersey Sizing
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