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Panaracer GravelKing SK Tire

Panaracer was ahead of the game with their famed GravelKing tire. The SK model was developed to meet the constantly evolving needs and requirements of gravel and adventure riders. With it's size options and unique tread design, not to mention Panaracer's mastery of supple, high performing tires, the GravelKing SK is built for speed, traction, durability, and grip. Available as a tubed tire in several sizes, larger sizes (38, 40, 43mm) version are tubeless compatible tires with serious volume, so if you are running rims with internal widths of 20-24mm, you will see a corresponding overall tire width at moderate air pressure.

The tread pattern is the first thing that draws your attention to the SK. With a large central zone of low profile small knobs, you can almost feel the grip and adherence you need on firmer, rocky surfaces. The ZSG natural rubber compound Panaracer uses offers great feel and overall grip, but with lower rolling resistance than most. You can still carry speed on pavement with this tire, and not suffer terrible wear. The side edge of this relatively flat-shape tire has a nearly continual directional line tread, but it is broken up by a shorter version that wraps the edge for traction in softer material and provides some bite into softer corners as well. The genius of the tread pattern is how well it hooks up off the pavement, matched with how well it rolls and corners on pavement. The traction and grip is enhanced for the 40mm size at the lower pressures allowed by tubeless use. Life and wear will be best off smooth pavement, thriving and holding up to gravel and mixed trail use.

Protection from puncture comes from Panaracer's own Anti-Flat belt design, which runs bead to bead on all sizes of the GravelKing SK. This gives you impact, puncture, and sidewall protection. With the somewhat uniform feel across the width of the tire, the belt never detracts from the ride quality. Much of that suppleness and consistency is also provided by the 126tpi Advanced Extra Alpha Casing and Panaracer's high quality construction. The casing not only carries the tread and protection but features AX-a technology, which uses extremely narrow cord which is woven at a super high density into the casing for lightness and flexibility. This increased density improves resistance to cuts and abrasions The GravelKing SK delivers a highly consistent and properly aligned casing/tread construction that roll true, with no wobble, often a challenge for higher volume tires.

Given the success of, and high regard for, the original GravelKing, we know riders will be excited to experience the GravelKing SK. Delivering performance and quality at a reasonable price, with Japanese manufacturing prowess, Panaracer has delivered us another tire that meets and exceeds expectations, while blazing new trails and roads less traveled.


  • Active tread design update of standard GravelKing w/more traction, grip, and volume
  • 38, 40, 43 mm are TLC- Tubeless compatible large volume tire for gravel road, mixed terrain, smaller sizes are for tube use only
  • Low profile, consistent small knob center tread pattern, edge and shoulder line tread
  • Excellent grip - feel on firm, rocky terrain, hooks up in softer material at low pressure
  • ZSG (Zero Slip Grip) rubber compound
  • AX-a (Advanced Extra Alpha) cord woven into casing for density, protection, flexibility
  • Anti Flat Casing gives bead to bead protection,
  • PSI ranges: 30-95 (32mm), 30-70 (35mm), 30-60 (38mm,40mm)
  • Colors: Black, Brown wall
  • Sizes: 700x32, 700x35, 700x38, 700x40 mm
  • Tubeless compatible sizes: 38, 40, 43mm
  • Weight: 32mm 320g, 35mm 380g, 38mm 440, 40mm 490g
  • Made in Japan
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