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LOOK Keo Carbon Blade Replacement

Look Keo Carbon Blade Pedals are known for their light weight and highly functional cleat engagement system, which features a carbon "blade" that functions as a spring. This blade has been available in 12Nm, 16Nm, and 20Nm tensions, and the blade itself is replaceable in case of damage or excessive wear.

The Keo Carbon Blade Replacement comes as a kit, with the replacement blade itself, as well as new hardware- which you should replace every time a blade is replaced. The process of replacing a blade is not overly technical, but you need the correct Torx T8 and T10 keys, as well as a torque wrench capable of 2.5Nm, outfitted with a T8 bit. There is a video available on YouTube that demonstrates the steps and essentials. Get your Keo Blades back to perfect functionality with this Keo Carbon Blade Replacement kit.


  • Replacement carbon blade (effectively a flat spring)and kit for Look Keo Blade pedals
  • Comes with blade, shoulder bolt, fastening bolt
  • Tools required: T8, T10 wrenches, torque wrench (for 2.5Nm) with T8 bit
  • After removing old assembly, clean interfaces with soft dry cloth
  • Always use new hardware when replacing blade
  • Options: 12Nm, 16Nm, 20Nm