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Muc-Off NTC Nanotube 11 Speed Chain

If you are competitive rider, racer or otherwise, you probably take drivetrain friction seriously. Muc-Off, through their work with Team Sky, put research, testing, and major effort into developing a lubrication process, done by hand in their facility. The NTC (Nanotube chain) is the culmination of thousands of hours of research and development into drivetrain optimization. The company designed and built the award winning Chain Lube Optimization Dynamometer so they could test chain and lube combinations to not only measure the performance of each lube and chain, but also continue to develop their own nanotube technology. The end result is a Shimano Dura-Ace 11-speed chain that has been sonic cleaned to remove all factory lubricant, then hand lubricated with the Nanotube formula. Tested against it's closest competitor, the NTC resulted a gain of 3 miles over a 112- mile Ironman bike stage. This same lubrication system has won the Tour de France, Olympic Gold, and set the hour record.

The key to understanding how Nanotube Chain Lube works is that the graphene tubes that make up the nanotubes are minuscule, and they fill in the incredibly small gaps and grains in steel components. By filling those in and providing now perfectly smooth interaction between rollers and plates, as well as against chainrings and cogs, friction is drastically reduced beyond what any other product on the market can achieve. Not only that, but the treatment is also weather proof, has been tested against road salt and other grime, and is not only resilient but still the fastest. In fact, Muc-Off issues instructions with the chain to run it on a bike, on a trainer for 4-6 hours to bring it to the fastest capability with least friction. This is truly a race and event chain that can be the difference maker in winning and setting personal best finishes.

Muc-Off provides a wealth of details and data on their website, and it is difficult to ignore or discount the published results. If speed and efficiency are inherently linked to overall performance, and you ride a Shimano 11-speed drivetrain, there is no chain system capable of reducing as much friction, and saving you more energy than the Muc-Off NTC Nanotube 11-Speed Chain. There is also a way to keep your NTC running properly, with a light application of NTC Chain Lube (sold separately), every 400 miles of use.


  • NTC is the culmination of thousands of hours of research and development into drivetrain optimization within Muc-Off and with Teak Sky, Britain's Olympic team and many more world class cyclists and athletes
  • Dura-Ace chain sonic cleansed, then hand treated by Muc-Off with proprietary nanotube formulation
  • Use on a trainer for 4-6 hours before chain reaches optimum lubrication state
  • Incredibly low friction with class-leading performance
  • For use in ALL weather conditions
  • More durable than wax optimized chains
  • Should be treated with light application of Nanotube chain lube every 400 miles
  • Option: Shimano Dura-Ace 11-speed (CN-HG901)