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Vittoria Pista CS Tire

The Vittoria Pista CS Tubular Tire is one notch down from their gold-medal winning Pista EVO CS, and these tires share the same casing, tread pattern, and overall Vittoria quality. But where the EVO CS is designed more specifically for the boards, the standard CS uses a more durable rubber compound and better flat protection for use outdoors on concrete or paved surfaces. As such it is heavier, and not quite as fast, but outdoor track surfaces feature more surface variables and a much coarser interface. Tires can wear out quickly, making punctures more likely. No one wants to go down on any surface, but a crash at speed on an outdoor track won't leave you with floor burns, but severely grated skin.

The 220 tpi cotton casing that Vittoria uses for the Pista CS is known for it's ability to hold form and shape, especially at the high pressures used on the track, where even the smallest inconsistency is magnified. While very supple and compliant, the construction is perfectly round- also crucial on the track- and has minimal transition at the valve for a very smooth riding tire. The Pista CS is a top-quality, all-around track tubular. While the tire appears smooth, the tacky rubber carries a very fine diamond tread that is suitable for board or concrete tracks. The Kevlar 3D tread delivers excellent grip and low rolling resistance. Despite the manageable price and slightly heavier weight, we can't call this a training tire for the track. The quality and results are simply too good for that. This is a track racing tire that makes a great training tire because of it's price, top quality construction, and overall performance. Perhaps the best way to parse it out- great outdoor track racing and training tire, perfect indoor board training tire with occasional racing.


  • High quality, cost effective, all-around track tire for indoor or outdoor use
  • 220 TPI cotton casing is perfectly round with minimal valve transition
  • Kevlar 3D tread rubber compound is tacky and durable
  • Fine diamond tread provides grip on wood or concrete/paved surfaces
  • Size: 700x22mm
  • Inflation range: 115-174 psi
  • Weight: 270 grams

Excel Sports cannot accept returns on tubular tires that have been glued.

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