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Michelin Power Endurance Tire

When Michelin uses the term Endurance within the new Power series of clincher tires, you can be assured that the venerable French company is referring to distance cycling on pavement rather than the current focus on gravel riding. At 220 grams in a 700x23 tire, the Power Endurance should be thought of a a performance mileage tire; one built to handle the long haul without sacrificing handling, ride quality or grip. Perhaps the ideal usage is seen as a gran fondo or similar type event tire, or just a high-mileage trainer for the summer months.

The Power series replaces the Pro4's and notable improvements in rubber compound, casing construction, and tread have all contributed to making the Power Endurance a superior tire to it's predecessor. The 3 plies of 110 tpi casing offer a more supple ride quality and improved road feel, while the X-Miles Compound has been optimized for wear, as well as abrasion and cut resistance, with an improvement of 8.6 watts in reduced rolling resistance over the Pro4 Endurance. At the same time, puncture protection has increased 20% from the new Aramid ProTek+ breaker system- a true advantage over long distance events or rides. The challenge in this balance was maintaining grip, so the new tread void pattern referred to as Grip Design was developed to complement the X-Miles Compound. The directional voids move from the center outward, adding siping for any water, but also increasing active grip in a manner that feels natural and progressive. Anyone who has ridden a tire with pronounced center-to-shoulder changes understands what this means. You get used to such transitions but do you ever truly trust them? The Pro Endurance Tire doesn't ask you to, which inspires confidence and allows you to focus on the pavement ahead, not the section you are flying over.

We see the Pro Endurance as the sweet spot of the Power series for most road clincher riders. It will be a great every day tire for those who prefer to ride fast and confidently, or a race tire for a longer road race where durability and capability is as important as straight speed. With width options at 23, 25 or 28mm there is a Pro Endurance for every rim design or rider preference.


  • Endurance clincher tire for high mileage activity with performance expectations
  • Lower rolling resistance than Pro4 Endurance by 8.6 watts
  • X-Miles Compound reduces resistance, increases puncture protection by 20%
  • Rubber is more resistant to cuts and abrasion
  • Casing is made from 3-plies of 110 tpi material for supple ride quality
  • Grip Design directional tread void adds active grip, complements rubber properties
  • Aramid ProTek+ breaker increases puncture protection
  • Sizes: 700 x 23, 25, 28 mm
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 23mm 220g, 25mm 230g, 28mm 255g
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Reg Price $64.99


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