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Books Power Meter Handbook with TrainingPeaks

This Power Meter Handbook with TrainingPeaks bundle includes a $119 premium TrainingPeaks subscription for just a few dollars more than the book alone. You're getting the best value possible by combining world-class hardware and world-class software to help you make the most of your training. Maximize the data givin to you in the Power Meter handbook TrainingPeaks world-class software for tracking, analyzing and planning your training.

Having a powermeter is one thing. Knowing how to use it is another. The Power Meter Handbook will demystify the numbers, clarify the setup and show you how to train with power in simple terms. In The Power Meter Handbook, Joe Friel offers cyclists and triathletes a simple user's guide to using a power meter for big performance gains. In clear language, the most trusted coach in endurance sports makes understanding a power meter easy, no advanced degrees or tech savvy required.

Cyclists and triathletes will master the basics to reveal how powerful they are. Focusing on their most important data, they'll discover hidden power, refine their pacing, and find out how many matches they can burn on any given day. Once they understand the fundamentals, Friel will show how to apply his proven training approach to gain big performance in road races, time trials, triathlons, and century rides.

The Power Meter Handbook includes weekly training schedules for road racing, time trials and century rides. And there are 12 power-based workouts that will build your aerobic endurance, muscular force, sprint speed and climbing power.

Book Features

  • 6" x 8"
  • 192 pages
  • Precisely match training to race season
  • Push limits step by step
  • Track fitness changes - reliably and accurately
  • Peak predictably for key events
  • Vastly improve training efficiency

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