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Arundel Pump Head

Arundel's new floor pump offering comes with a rubber hose and machined threaded fittings. The company ships their Floor Pump 1 with the Hansel, Presta-only thumb lever locking head. Alternatively you can purchase the Gretel, the thread-on Schrader valve design, or The Woodsman, a classic style press-on model for Presta valves, which has a thread-on option for Schrader valves.

The machined aluminum pump head designs are precise, well designed and willl thread on and off the Arundel pump hose with ease. The overall quality and functionality are excellent, the rubber grommets are replaceable and the construction will hold up quite well over time and daily use.


  • Optional valve heads for Arundel Floor pump hose with threaded fittings
  • The Floor Pump 1 includes the Hansel, a thumb-lever locking Presta valves model
  • The Gretel is a fantastic thread-on design for Schrader valves
  • The Woodsman is a classic press-on style for Presta, with a Schrader threading
  • Machined aluminum construction
  • Lightweight, durable, and easy to use
  • Rubber grommets are replaceable
  • Options: Gretel, The Woodsman

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