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Oakley Radar Pace

Oakley's Radar Pace eyewear has the cycling world buzzing. There are a few use cases cyclists (and runners) can view the Radar Pace from. The first and most obvious to many riders is the connection with sensors and devices, including smartphones, for direct wireless music and notifications to the frame-integrated ear buds. A second is the use of the same connected concept to have training cues from your head unit. The final, and most comprehensive use will as a training tool, with direct coaching and microphone-enabled guidance, meaning you can use voice commands with the unit, and receive in-ride coaching based on training plans, actual ride data, and your pre-set preference. While serious racing cyclists will be drawn to this purpose, the wider market for the Radar Pace is serious cyclists, who put in hours and miles for their own pleasure and purpose. These riders may well "train", but not to race, just to improve their fitness and performance, but don't race, per se. You can integrate with Strava and other training and tracking programs. Of course, there are those gadget-oriented, high mileage cyclists who simply love the integration of music and notifications as they hammer out the miles.

Oakley has developed the technology and design for music play, seen year ago with the Thump, and now in snow sport goggles like the Airwave, but a partnership with Intel drove the Radar Pace project. What the Radar Pace brings is a whole other class of integrated communication. The Radar Pace can pair to sensors and devices via ANT+ or Bluetooth LE. The Radar Pace App is available for both Android and iOS smartphones, with a full complement of tools and programs to set-up the optimal use and/or training system that gives you real time coaching. The ear frame housing of the Radar Pace carries: the microphone array, mini-USB, plug-in earphone booms, micro sensors (accelerometer, gyroscope, barometric pressure, humidity, proximity), touch panel for music and phone control, and the ANT+/Bluetooth systems. The whole set-up is rated IPX5, which means rain and road spray protection. Do not submerge. You charge the unit through one of the ear bud booms with the included USB-A to Mini-USB cable. The touch pad controls are on the left side with short and long pressures offering different results (changes or activation, etc.)

As far as the technical capabilities for training and coaching, we'll leave most of that to Oakley, but here are the basics. You have the ability to request training information and start/stop your training program by enabling the microphone and talking to the Radar Pace. Your smartphone is your CPU at this point, and it will reply, and coach via voice command. During the ride or run, the system collects all data: HR, power, cadence (stride), speed, distance, time, and so on. By tracking sensor data, the system can then analyze your performance and compare to your ride goals or training plan. By monitoring your performance like an on-board coach, Radar Pace adjusts your training zones as you improve. It gives you personalized coaching that adapts dynamically to your abilities. The system is also designed to analyze post ride to evolve and modify workout plans to bring you on course to meet your goals. This is active coaching, based directly on your goals, abilities, and training data. Depending on usage and interaction, the battery run time is considered 4-6 hours.

What else? Oh yes, this actually a pair of top quality shield-style lens sunglasses for high output athletic endeavors. This is Oakley, after all. The RadarLock frame style has replace the M-series as the pre-eminent full wrap cycling glass of choice for many pro riders, and has even become more popular with runners with the development of the PRIZM lens system. The Radar Pace is still an interchangeable lens frame, even with the technology on board. Oakley includes the Prizm Road lens variant, which offers a 20% VLT, offers increased contrast, and is suitable for the widest range of conditions, especially when those change throughout the ride. Oakley's HDO optics merge with PRIZM technology, which means you get the exceptional optical clarity, visual fidelity, and rated impact resistance, while PRIZM provides unprecedented control of light transmission resulting in colors precisely tuned to maximize contrast and enhance visibility. PRIZM is not polarized, though the effects are similar at times. Nothing else on the market enhances your visual experience to this level, improving your ability to see surface conditions and react instantaneously.

Oakley also includes their stand-out 93#37;& VLT clear lens for low-light use, but you still get the same ANSI Z87.1 impact protection and glare reduction. The frame is a made with proven O Matter design featuring a lightweight, strong and resilient polycarbonate construction. They feature a good balance of flexibility and rigidity, which leads to comfort and structure for lens support. The exacting fit is due to Oakley's refined Three Point Fit system. This means just the arms and nose bridge will come into contact with your head. These contact points have Oakley's grippy Unobtanium material, which provides an ultra non-slip grip. Each Radar arm offers smooth action when opening and closing. A second nose piece is included for improving fit based on your nose size and shape. The specific Oakley Soft Case for the Radar Pace carries your frame and mounted lens, the second lens, and your ear bud booms. The standard Microbag is suitable for quick storage and is specifically designed for optimal cleaning of your lenses without scratching or leaving lint or fibers behind.

We know- the Radar Pace is not inexpensive. But neither is coaching, let alone coaching that learns and adjusts, and offers two-way direct communication while training. The price here is a one time cost, and you get the connectivity, music, and an exceptional sport sunglass with industry leading lens technology. How you utilize the Radar Pace is your decision, and those who fully optimize the training capabilities will likely look back after 6 months and think "I can't believe I only paid this much." Yes, you need to take care of them. Yes, you need to charge them. Yes, you need to be comfortable with the pairing and app interactions. How is any of that different from your head unit, smartphone, and so on? If the features and purpose of the Radar Pace don't interest you, move on. But if they do, and you embrace the possibilities, the Radar Pace can, and will, improve your cycling experience.


  • Premium Oakley sunglasses with integrated device communication, developed in partnership with Intel
  • Onboard accelerometer, gyroscope, barometric pressure, humidity, proximity sensors and touch control pad
  • Connect with sensors, head unit, and smarphone via ANT+ or Bluetooth LE
  • Use of Oakley's Radar Pace app via smartphone for active coaching and 2-way verbal communication with on board microphone with a virtual coaching program, integrate with Strava, other 3rd party training systems
  • Listen to music and receive notifications with the wireless ear phone attachments
  • Adjustable ear bud booms attach to frame with micro USB fitment
  • Charge battery via supplied USB A to Micro USB cable; approx 4-6 hours of power
  • Frame: O Matter polycarbonate material, Unobtanium, nose pieces/arm sleeves
  • Lenses: PRIZM Road with unique color/contrast capability, HDO optics; Clear option
  • Includes: Soft Vault case, Microbag, 2 nose pieces, USB cable, AeroClip
  • Color: Black Gloss/PRIZM Road (Indigo base, VLT 20%)
  • Weight: 57 grams (glasses with one lens, earbud booms)
Reg Price $449.00