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Pinarello Rear Derailleur Hanger

Genuine Pinarello derailleur hangers should be used when you need to replace yours. The cast hangers are stiff and strong, yet replacement is common- as with any hanger these parts do fatigue over time from heavy use and the alignment process, never mind any damage or breakage from impact.

As with all brands, Pinarello uses several designs, so make sure you select the option that is specified for your Pinarello frame. All new hangers must be aligned to your wheel using the proper tools at installation. While models are different, Pinarello includes all requisite mounting hardware with each hanger.


  • Genuine OEM Pinarello replacement derailleur hangers
  • Stiff, strong cast aluminum specific shaping for specified frames
  • Includes stainless steel mounting hex screws as required for each style
    • Dogma 2, Dogma 60.1, Dogma 65.1, F8, FCX, FP2, FP3, FP7 (not FP5), FP Due Paris Carbon, Prince Carbon, Quattro, Razha, Marvel
  • PI-DROP-OUT-CX-CRB fits:
    • CX Carbon, FM1, FT1, FT3, Graal, KOBH, Montello, Razha K, ROKH
  • PI-DROP-OUT-TA-RGHT-OUT:Thru-Axle driveside dropout for Dogma Disc frames
  • Color: Black

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