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Campagnolo Record 11 Speed Inner Chainring

If you are looking to replace your Campagnolo 5-arm 11-speed inner chainring, read on. In 2011 Campagnolo 11-speed Chorus, Record, and Super Record carbon cranksets deployed a new chainring mounting system. The driveside spider features 5 arms, with the drive arm featuring a familiar and uniquely Campagnolo hidden bolt and chainring spacer system that threaded into the back of the crankarm. The big change was that only chainring bolts were used to fasten the outer and inner rings to the spider. The bolt entered the outer ring, passed through the spider mount, then threaded directly into the inner chainring. This was done to increase uniform stiffness across the four exposed bolted zones, and saved a little weight. Though some cyclists were concerned about stripping or damaging the threads (which would make the inner chainring worthless), this was exceedingly rare.

This system was used on 2011-2014 5-arm cranksets. Dedicated Campagnolo riders often choose the Italian component make for durability and replacement parts, and these inner chainrings last with the best, but do eventually need to be replaced. This was the last generation series to use both the 135 BCD standard (for 52-39T or larger), and 110 BCD for compact (50-34T). The chainrings themselves are made from a hardened light weight alloy, sculpted for strength and lateral stiffness, then profiled using the X.P.S.S. (eXtreme Performance Shifting System) optimization. The teeth have been designed to match the chain profile perfectly and catch or release from the ring in up or down shifts with as little friction or hesitation as possible. The black anodized finish adds to the overall durability, as well as fighting corrosive elements and protecting the aluminum alloy from scratches.

Campagnolo still offers the original chainring range that was available in 135 or 110 BCD. Please keep in mind that the 2009-2010 chainring will not work with the 2011-2014 cranksets, despite sharing the same BCD options. While we still have stock in the 2009-2010 34T chainring (which does not have threaded receiving holes), it will be shown in the grey color in the photos above. It is not forward or backwards compatible- it is only for 2009-2010 11-speed 110 BCD cranksets.


  • Replacement inner chainring for 2011-2014 specified 5-arm Campagnolo UT cranksets
  • Performance optimized with X.P.S.S. profiling
  • Sculpted alloy ring with black anodizing finish
  • Compatible with 2011-2014 Super Record, Record, Chorus
  • Drive-arm is 5th arm, which requires hidden bolt and spacer
  • Other four arms have only a chainring bolt, the bolt threads into inner chainring after passing through outer ring and spider
  • Campagnolo uses Torx bolts for this application
  • Bolt Circle Diameters: 135 standard double, 110 compact double
  • Chainring sizes: 34T (110), 39T (135)
  • Color: Black

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