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Sidi SRS Replacement Soles

The upper range of Sidi mountain shoes offer a replaceable tread system which is called SRS (Sidi Replacement Sole). This clever system allows you to remove the tread from your expensive soles and replace them. This refreshes the tread to it's original state and extends the life or of the shoe. Prior to SRS, Sidi would make the durameter of their sole tread fairly hard for shoe longevity. Since the soles are now replaceable, they make the SRS tread soft and grippy for added traction, because there is no consideration for long term wear, since you can easily replace them.

Installation is easy, just unscrew the bolts that fasten the old and worn soles to the shoes, remove and replace the soles and fasten the new soles and secure using the supplied screws. Sidi makes different soles for different models, so make sure you purchase the correct ones for your shoes. The Sidi Spiders require the Yellow/Grey versions and the Dragon require the Red/Grey, while the Drako requires the other Red/Grey SRS soles. We tried to make it easy for you to choose by listing the shoe type in the size/selection menu.


  • Softer durameter tread for solid grip
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Choose the correct sole for your shoe
  • Sold in pairs
  • Made in Italy

The exact sole you need per shoe type is listed in the selection/size menu in the product selector. The Yellow/Grey sole work for Spider soles while you need to choose between the two Red/Grey SRS soles for either Dragons or Drako model shoes.