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Giordana Silverline Womens Short

If you're looking to find the best fitted women's apparel, one needs to look no further than Italy. Italian designers and Giordana in particular, have a certain understanding and inclination to produce perfectly pattern-fitted garments for women. All Giordana Women's apparel is designed using the Women's Contour Fit system, meaning the paneling and construction is derived from a women’s form in the riding position. No part of the Silverline shorts are outsourced. They are completely produced under one roof in Giordana's Bonferraro, Italy factory.

The Silverline's anatomically-correct-for-women panels are constructed from Giordana's own Nilo 220 gram knitted Lycra fabric. At the 220 gram weight, you get solid compression for improved blood flow and support (read: no wiggle) and plenty of comfort. The high thread count of Nilo gives the fabric an extremely soft touch. All of these anatomic panels are stitched together using four-needle flatlock stitched seams. This means four spools of thread instead of one or two are used to create a four thread flatlocking stitch. This provides a seam with exceptional stretch capacity for improved freedom of movement and blends the panels perfectly into each other. The leg cuffs have Giordana's LoPro 45 cuffs which match the amount of compression in the short panels, so it hard to discern where the short ends and the cuff begins. The newly design criss-cross waist band is guaranteed to please. Most cycling apparel manufacturers have adopted this style, but few get it right. Giordana understands that your need to run the bands all the way around and terminate than at your hips otherwise you get bunching right below your belly. It's the little things in life.

The Silverline Womens short uses the Nimbo-W OmniForm insert. The Nimbo-W OF is a 3 layer pad that is made at low temperature which keeps the fabrics soft and comfortable. This top layer rests against your body and does a wonderful job at wicking moisture and thwarting bacteria. It's also quick drying, so it will keep you comfortable regardless of the length of the ride. Below this layer is a 3mm expanded memory foam padding layer for body support. The final layer is thicker open cell foam layer that has a smaller diameter than the layer above it and serves to support critical areas of your body that have heavy saddle contact. As with all OmniForm inserts, the entire seat pad and all of its layers are highly elastic, so binding and chafing is practically never an issue.


  • Nilo 220 gram knitted Lycra fabric
  • Four needle flatlock seams
  • Women's specific anatomically cut panels
  • Criss-cross yoga style waist band
  • Nimbo-W OmniForm seat pad
  • All day comfort with perfect amount of compression
  • Color: Black
  • Sizes: XS, Small, Medium, Large
  • Made in Italy

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