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Feedback Sports Sport Mechanic Work Stand Bundle

When you are putting together a home work station for basic or moderately advanced bike maintenance you want the best balance of usability, flexibility, effective and useful tools. Ideally you can save some money in the process. That is why we are offering this Feedback Sports bundle, featuring their excellent Sport Mechanic Work Stand, compact but jam packed Ride Prep Tool Kit, and their easily installed/removed Tool Tray for the stand. In purchase you get the key components for portable and storage friendly bike service that can be using in your basement, living room, garage or driveway, as well as at your favorite trialhead or road race prep zone.

One piece of advice about buying a workstand- never buy a cheap stand. You require a certain amount of functionality, stability, and useful features to work safely and effectively. We highly recommend the Sport Mechanic Work Stand because it is stable, full featured, and very capable. The stand exemplifies the discriminating use of materials, design, and engineering that personifies Feedback Sports. The collapsible tripod design allows for exceptional stability on a variety of surfaces, while still folding up for compact storage or transport. The height is easily adjustable via simple one-hand clamping knob, even under load, and the head unit rotates 360 degrees independent of any other action. The clamping height of the stand is adjustable from 42-65 inches from the ground, yet folds-up to an easily storable size of 6.6x5.0x44.1 inches. At just 12.6lbs, you can easily transport it, Structurally the stand is exceptionally sound, with steel, and anodized extruded aluminum for stiffness and longevity. Rubber feet protect the tripod base, and any work surface.

Most cyclists have the basic tools they need, but the advantage of buying a kit means a more comprehensive set of tools, purchased at better value. For those who require their first kit, or a second kit just for travel or portability in a compact, controlled design, our go-to option is the Feedback Sports Ride Prep Tool Kit. It features has a selection of 12 tools that actually have 16 tool functions (some are dual or multi-purpose designs), that allow you make on the spot adjustments or fixes at the event or trailhead parking lot, or on your back patio. You get all the function, comfort, precision and durability you expect from pro-level tools. While of the tools are clearly innovative, others compete with the best of existing options. Hex key style tools are made from S2 tool steel, which is hard, strong and holds tool edges well in the face of daily shop use. Tools with firm rubber grips have molded file tread patterns for extra grip and comfortable, tactile use. Designs are clean, easy to use, and very efficient. Our guess is the Chain Pin Press and Valve Core Tool will be instant favorites for sheer pleasure to use versus other options. Every tool in this kit is clearly defined, with sizes marked, and ready to go. The kit items all have a specific storage location in the semi-soft TPU-coated nylon case. The interior storage was puzzled together to keep the case small, but all the tools are easily accessible. Thin tools overlap to save overall thickness, and thicker or larger tools get a little more space. Zipped closed, the case is 11.5" x 6.75" x 2.25" and with all it's included tools weighs just 4.8 lbs.

The stand mountable Work Tray is the perfect addition to your Sport Mechanic stand and Ride Prep Tool Kit. Easy to mount and remove, the composite tray keeps the essentials close at hand for efficient and contained service work. This is much more important when you are on location and a work bench isn't close by. Feedback Sports offers the Tool Tray for just that reason. Not only can you have your tools and care items at the ready, the Tool Tray also encourages you to organize them, with dedicated slots and compartments, while keeping a space for your coffee cup.


  • Bundle special offer with a perfect trio of Feedback Sports equipment
  • Foldable tripod style Sport Mechanic Work Stan for home, travel, sport mechanics
  • Made with anodized black aluminum and powder coated black steel
  • Reliable spinner-knob clamp, easily adjustable, securely holds the bike in position
  • Rubber coated jaws prevent slippage and damage to frame or seatpost
  • Clutch arm that allows for 360 degree rotation without clamp adjustment
  • Load capacity: 65lbs
  • Compact Ride Prep Tool Kit pre-ride/race adjustments for travel or home use
  • Includes 12 tools that offer 16 functions
  • All tools designed and built for professional use with precision and durability
  • Tools feel great in the hand, by design and materials, file tread grip on handles
  • TPU-coated nylon case is semi-soft, with carefully laid out tool storage system
  • Tools included:
    • Fixed 3-way TORX T25/27/30
    • Fixed 3-way Hex 2/2.5/3mm, Fixed 3-way Hex 4/5/6mm, L-handle Hex 8mm
    • #0 Phillips, with but end of handle featuring a Shimano Crank arm cap tool
    • Valve Core Tool with ends for Presta and Schrader valves
    • Spoke Wrench: 3.23mm (0.127”), 3.3mm (0.130”), 3.45mm (0.136”) nipple sizes, Valve Extender tool integrated with design
    • Chain Pin Press (chain tool for 1-12 speed SRAM/Shimano-type chains)
    • Rotor Truing Tool
    • Steel core Tire Levers, features a Disc Brake Pad Spreader
    • 15mm Pedal Wrench with 15mm Axle Nut Wrench at opposite end
  • Well, designed and executed Tool Tray for direct mount to a work stand
  • Slots and compartments make organizing and retrieving tools a snap
  • Heavy duty resin construction is impervious to grease and cleans up easily
  • Perfect depth to safely hold tools and accessories
  • Mini parts wash basin has removable drain plug
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