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Reynolds Strike SLG Carbon Clincher Wheelset

If you have a need for speed and lack the budget of successful financial advisor, the Reynolds Strike SLG Carbon Clincher Wheelset may well be your new wheelset. The 62mm rim profile has been designed to best suit triathlon and time trial, but can deliver clear benefits on rolling terrain or in longer road races. Criterium riders who favor a stiff, stable and responsive wheelset will also love the Strike SLG. Basically, if you love to compete, crave aero speed, and optimum results, Reynolds knows who you are, and has made you a high performance wheelset.

The challenge has not been how to make a wheel fast, or aero. These developments have been evolving for years, with incredible results. But how can the wheel be stable, stiff, and still ride well? Reynolds mates the 62mm profile with the now standard 25mm external rim width. Mated with a 25mm tire, the handling and ride quality is superb for such a deep section rim. The extra stability and larger contact patch of the tire makes cornering at speed safe and predictable. The wheels also perform better in cross winds and at greater yaw angles, keeping you in charge of where you the bike is going, not the wind. These details are crucial. The more comfortable you are with speed and handling, the less you fight the bike and simply let it rip.

Aerodynamically, Reynolds uses Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to optimize the shape and function of the rim and wheel build.From this process, SLG was born. SLG refers to a technology that Reynolds has developed, called a Swirl Lip Generator. It refers to a small lip on the crown of the rim on both sides. It's role is to significantly reduce drag by smoothing turbulence and pressure drag. The Strike SLG features an Enhanced SLG, and wind tunnel testing shows it helps to reduce drag by about 20% (from the same rim design, without SLG), in order to make the wheel faster.

Reynolds sources aerospace-quality carbon fiber from Japan, developed specifically to Reynolds specifications. For the Strike SLG, they employ their PR3 methodology, precisely assigning different carbon fiber lay-ups to three distinct regions of the rim. Each lay-up (fiber, resin, and epoxy) is optimized for the specific requirements of that area. For example, the strength requirement of the rim hook bead is much different from the rim shell profile and the brake track has its own parameters. As such, these areas have different construction. Reynolds considerable experience in cycling and working with carbon composites inform these decisions, just as it has in developing the CTg Braking System. CTg is an acronym for Cryogenic Glass Transition and is comprised of very specific carbon and resin combinations to help dissipate heat at the exterior of the rim surface to enhance braking performance. Testing shows this reduces heat buildup by 53%, which keeps the inside of the rim much cooler than the exterior, essential for performance and safety. Proprietary Cryo-Blue Power brake pads are included with the wheelset and work in conjunction with the brake track to deliver the powerful, consistent braking while keeping things cool.

The Strike SLG Carbon Clincher features DT Aerocomp bladed spokes laced to Reynolds hubs, using DT alloy nipples. The cartridge bearing hubs are which are as smooth and durable as they are simple to maintain. The front wheel's 16 spokes are radially laced at high tension for lateral stiffness and aerodynamics. The 20 rear spokes are laced 1x on the drive side and radial on the non-drive, and when tensioned on the stout 25mm rim, the effect is immediate propulsion when you put the power down. The rim itself has 17mm internal width, and is designed for tubeless ready tires, as well as standard clinchers. Between the aerodynamics, quality design and construction, tubeless ready status, and wind tunnel and real life proven performance, the Strike SLG is an exceptional wheelset. The fact that it is available for under $2000 makes one stand up and take notice. That will only be eclipsed by the feeling you get as you blister your first ride.


  • Deep section aerodynamic wheel suitable to almost all competition cycling and triathlon events
  • 62mm deep rim has been subjected to CFD, built with Reynolds PR3 construction
  • Enhanced SLG groove is 8x larger than on standard SLG rims
  • CTg Braking system delivers consistent stopping power, drastically reduces heat build-up
  • Rim width: 25mm external, 17mm internal
  • 16 hole radially laced front & 20 hole radial/1X drive side lacing rear
  • DT Aerocomp spokes with DT alloy nipples
  • Includes: CTg specific Cryo-Blue Power brake pads, QR skewers
  • Wheelset is Tubeless ready
  • Shimano/SRAM 10, 11 speed compatible
  • Weight: 1635g/Set; 727g Front, 888g Rear
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Reg Price $1,950.00


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Posted on 8/2/2016

I have been racing all disciplines for 30 years. After using tubeless in XC for several years, I finally wanted a Carbon Aero Tubeless Reliable Fast clincher wheelset to race and train on. Did not know what to expect really. The folks at Excel sent me this pair of Strike SLGs and 2 days later, I was in East Flanders for 10 days, near Oudenaarde during Spring 2016. I did an average of 100kms per day and one Kermesse at the end. Training routes outside my door included Oude Kwaremont, Taainberg, Lange Munte, Paadestrat(Extra Nasty), and every other Straat and Berg in all the Spring Races from Omloop to RVV. I did not go easy on these wheels and it was raining everyday all day. Tubeless was run at 85 PSI no problems. I weigh over 200 lbs. At the end of the trip I returned home to Cali and inspected everything. This wheelset even after all that beating, was NOT 1 mm out of true.... I ordered a second pair the same week. Just buy them already. They Seriously Rock.

Pros Fast, Durable, Tubeless, Perfect for Flanders

Cons None