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Castelli Thermoflex Leg Warmers

Leg warmers are underutilized by many cyclists because the mistaken impression is that they are too bulky to carry, too hard to take on and off, and just not worth the trouble. But the right warmer, with the right features can give you great protection and comfort in a compressed, packable garment. Castelli builds cycling and clothing accessories for cyclists from the top pros to the newest enthusiast to enhance the cycling experience. Building off the incredibly successful Thermoflex warmer system with the Thermoflex+ series, the Italian company has improved the already good fit and freedom of movement without sacrificing the protection level. Thermoflex+ Leg Warmers are perfect for rides or segments of rides that take place in the mid-40's to mid-60's Fahrenheit when cool air and/or precipitation are in play and a knee warmer just doesn't offer enough coverage.

The proven Castelli Nano Flex system takes a soft, stretchy, lightweight, breathable, insulating fleece fabric and treats it with coating featuring millions of nanofilaments. The resulting finish repels water completely, instantly beading it up and shedding it. Well proven in warmers, bibs, tights, and other pieces where garment flexibility and protection are desired, Nano Flex blocks wind and repels water with ease.

The big addition to the Thermoflex+ Arm Warmer is the addition of a back side panel of the lighter, even more flexible and comfortable Nano Light material, which has less insulation, but the same water repellent capability. Out of the wind, behind the leg muscles and knee you don't need more insulation, what you want is complete freedom of movement, zero bulk, and great fit without too much tension. Nano Light gets the job done and makes the Thermoflex+ a true upgrade on an already fantastic warmer.

Fit and finish are fully anatomic, allowing you to forget you are augmenting your clothing with a warmer. Castelli employs a double silicone gripper system - inside and outside the warmer so the piece will hold in place on the skin, as well as under your shorts or bibs, for maximum retention no matter how hard you go, no matter how wet it gets. To make the on/off process easier and faster, short ankle zips are perfect.


  • Upgraded Excel Staff favorite leg warmer for cool, wet rides
  • High stretch and moderate compression with this light thermal warmer
  • Breathable, yet blocks wind and repels water with ease
  • Nano Flex base fleece layer with nanofilament treatment for protection
  • Nano Light insert on back of leg for extra stretch, bringing better fit and comfort
  • Double-sided silicone grippers to keep the warmers in place
  • Ankle zips make using the leg warmer much easier with much weight penalty
  • Less overall bulk makes the Thermoflex+ wamers even more packable
  • Ideal for temperatures from 46-65°F, especially when wet
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, XL
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 136 grams (Medium)
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