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Rotor UNO 11-speed Cassette

Cyclists are known to have a slight interest in lightweight components. What if you could have an 11-28 cassette that weighed 135 grams, would that interest you? It is 61 grams lighter than a Dura-Ace 9100 version, and even 29 grams than the SRAM Red option. In the past such a lightweight cassette would have been a race only, option that required a second mortgage or seriously deep pockets. Rotor's development of their UNO drivetrain system drove them to build an incredibly light, but otherwise practical and usable cassette that could deliver impressive shifting performance as well. The Rotor UNO 11-speed cassette not only looks like a work of art, but it is a functional piece that enhances your riding experience and reduces cassette weight by an impressive percentage, no matter what you compare it to.

How does Rotor achieve the UNO Cassette? It starts with a hollow design, high strength steel, and AL-7075 T6 heat-treated aluminum. The 11-21T cogs are machined from a single piece of steel, in a hollow core design. For serious cyclists these are the cogs that get the most use and require maximum durability. The 24 and 28 tooth cogs are CNC machined from the aluminum, then bolted with Torx bolts directly into the steel portion. An aluminum spider is used that actually becomes the ring that sits on the inside edge of your rear wheel's freehub body. All of the teeth of each cog are machined using Rotor's proprietary FLOWDRIVE engineering, which delivers smooth, quiet, and fast transitions as you shift. The cogs receive a surface treatment that resists corrosion and decreases wear by reducing friction from the chain.

Rotor provides a superlight aluminum lockring as well. The lockring and aluminum cogs stand out, with a black finish and UNO logo repeated over and over. The look is distinctive, yet the finish is also practical. Rotor designed the UNO cassette to work with Shimano/SRAM road freehub's and the spacing is compatible with Rotor UNO, Shimano 11, SRAM 11, and Campagnolo 11 drivetrains. The steps between cog sizes are logical and familiar, and the shifting feel natural and smooth. The UNO 11-speed cassette is a serious piece of work. Did we mention it is light? 135 grams. Functional, durable, sexy, and light. Smile!


  • Super light, ride everyday, 11-speed 11-28 road cassette from Rotor
  • Machined to hollow assembly with high strength steel (11-21T)
  • 24&28T cogs are AL-7075 T6 aluminum, CNC-machined to with spider
  • Aluminum cogs and spider bolt directly into the steel body
  • Hollow core design is light, stiff, and durable
  • Tooth profiling by Rotor proprietary FLOWDRIVE engineering
  • Cogs are coated to reduce friction, prevent corrosion
  • Machined aluminum 11T UNO lockring
  • Cog steps: 11-12-13-14-15-16-17-19-21-24-28
  • Designed to fit Shimano/SRAM 11 road freehub body standard
  • Weight: 135 grams


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