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Catlike Whisper Helmet

The Whisper Helmet from has been the iconic Catlike helmet design since 2007. With it's bold honeycomb-like structure, incredible ventilation and overall light weight, the Whisper doesn't just hang out in the Catlike line-up for nostalgia. While the exterior and essential design remains the same, the evolution of the Whisper comes from within, as technological and material advancements have enhanced the fit, comfort, and safety. Icons never go out of style, for good reason, while upgrades keep the Whisper in-step with the most current helmet offerings.

The honeycomb structure of the Whisper lends itself to tremendous airflow. The challenge for such helmets is not creating too much noise or a whistling effect. Catlike balanced the airflow/noise equation better than any other manufacturer, hence "Whisper". The angles and shapes of the vents was a major part of this balance, as was the relationship of the front and rear vents to each other. Called Dual Flow, the system provides optimal thermal regulation with the alignment abd combination of front and rear vents, linked by internal channels for incredible, quiet airflow. The air travels into and through the internal structure of the helmet, taking the incoming flow with the heat and perspiration coming off the skull and releases it out the back. The system keeps you drier, and more refreshed, and is quiet, cat-like, if you will.

This outstanding system is only one key to overall comfort, which is where this Catlike helmet really shines. The MPS eVo retention system is designed to fit any head shape and is super comfortable even when the helmet is tight and secure. The wheel can be operated with one hand and has micro-clicks for a perfect adjustment. Side, height and rear adjustments can all be tailored with the MPS eVo fitting system. The pads of the Whisper now feature Thermy-Tex, a permanent antibacterial and super-absorbent treatment. The application interrupts the development and reproduction of bacteria as it stops the formation of odors, absorbs sweat quickly and is totally breathable and washable. The padding is complemented by the airflow of the helmet structure in this process. The Whisper's physical balance is built into the shape, retention system and structure. All helmets are by necessity weighted towards the rear, but how that weight is distributed and carried makes a huge difference. Catlike seems to have found a way to create helmets that rarely need to be adjusted, which is just one less thing to think about on the road, and the Whisper was the first helmet that truly exhibited this quality.

Safety with the Whisper has been enhanced with new concepts and technologies. One of the first helmets to use a polymide matrix (Lateral Roll Cage) as a skeleton, the Whisper retains that strong, flexible structure. The skeleton keeps the EPS/PPE foam structure in place, allowing for necessary flex and give on impact. Instead of the foam taking the impact and blowing off, the matrix gives it shape and form, to offer protection in multi-iimpact collisions, or impact then sliding. The outer protection layer features the Crash Energy Splitter, which refers to the honeycomb structure that spreads impact force through several cells, significantly increasing safet, by diffusing energy away from the impact site. The matrix factors in to this process, it is not a rigid structure. The outer shell foam is EPS and PPE which has an eco-friendly creation process, is recyclable, and can sustain significant impact while maintaining protection. The Whisper offers more rear head protection than many road helmets, with the addition of a Low Nape Protection zone to secure and protect the occipital area from direct impact. The system adds a little weight, but accentuates and complements the overall safety of the helmet, as well as supporting the substantial exhaust port ventilation at the rear of the helmet.

While the Mixino has become the face of Catlike's road helmet line-up, the favorable price point and comfort and safety design of the Whisper ensures strong sales worldwide. With such strong market presence in the US from Bell and Giro, a cyclist who chooses the Whisper demonstrates the determination to go against expectations, while enjoying the quiet, cool, distinctive design of this iconic road helmet.


  • Iconic road helmet with front to rear ventilation, high level comfort, advanced safety
  • Helmet offers a nicely balanced feel and fit, very stable while riding
  • EPS and PPE foam shell construction with LNP at occipital zone on back of neck
  • Polymide lateral roll cage skeleton adds strength/resilience from impact
  • Energy Splitter design- impact energy dissipated through honeycomb-type structure
  • Ultralight, single point adjustable, four position strap retention system (MPS eVo)
  • Thermy-tex treated padding for optimal thermal comfort, antibacterial properties
  • Dual Flow air flow system with aligned front and rear vents is effective, quiet
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large
  • Colors: White, Matte Black, Red/White
  • Weight: 282 grams (Medium)

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