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Assos rS.sturmPrinz Evo

The original and fantastic Assos sturmPrinz now has added reflective strips and piping to make you visible during inclement weather and low light conditions. All else stays the same and like the original design, unique and custom fabrics were developed and brought to market to make this creation possible. It is the finest rain and inclement weather jacket/shell ever made and is clearly in a class of its own.

As with all other Assos products, you get a combination of proper fit and climate/weather specific fabrics to make the garment perfect for intended use. Assos engineers and designers spent many long hours in the lab developing a material that is waterproof but actually breathes well. Beyond the breathable membrane, added venting helps keep the body cool and perspiration free. And that is the essence of the sturmPrinz Evo, keep the body dry and vented while in riding in a water barrier.

This magical membrane Assos developed is named Triton and two different forms of it are used in the jacket. The front receives the most water proof and least breathable for the ultimate protection from oncoming weather. The rear gets a lighter and more breathable version of the same material. Careful attention was paid to side and back ventilation to keep the body cool during efforts while still retaining a protection from the elements. The rear pocket of the shell can be accessed through Pocket Slots. These slots keep the shell water proof while also allowing accessibility. Elastic shoulder inserts allow for added freedom of movement.

Now the sturmPrinz Evo is designed to be the ultimate rain and inclement weather jacket, however, in the process Assos may have also created the ultimate wind, semi-cold weather jacket as well. You will likely find yourself grabbing it for all types of weather conditions. The windproof capacity and lightweight fabrics lend themselves to many layering options for many different temperature zones.

With 25 pattern pieces, 7 different textiles and 13 components, this is a highly engineered product. Yet with all this technology, it remains a simple piece to use, void of useless creature comforts and unnecessary features. With proper care, this garment will last you many, many seasons.


  • Water proof and highly breathable cycling race cut jacket
  • Reflective strips and piping
  • Elastic shoulder inserts
  • Ventilated upper rear panel
  • Taped seams
  • Pocket slots on the lower rear panel
  • Revolutionary and magical Triton fabric
  • Rear panel emergency pocket
  • Race AEPD anatomic fit
  • Beautiful color and finish
  • Good for both wet and plain cold weather
  • Sizes: Medium, Large, XL, XLG, TIR
  • Colors: ProfBlack, Black Volkanga

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