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If rolling speed on gravel, trail, or pavement is crucial to you in a tubeless ready tire that also hooks up in sand and bites in corners on hardpack or loose over hardpack conditions, Maxxis offers the 120tpi EXO TR level Rambler tire. Designed for gravel and adventure, as well as the smooth pavement that takes you there, the Rambler draws directly from Maxxis's deep experience in mountain and cyclocross tire development.

The multitude of tightly spaced, ramped center knobs allows you to roll fast but with sure hold on pavement or dry, hardened dirt or gravel roads. You get some alternating knobs with space as you move to the shoulder that transitions to greater spaced, prominent, and slightly softer edge knobs that deliver impressive hook-up and grip when you need it. The dual compound rubber is perfectly matched, offering durability and reduced rolling resistance without sacrificing either. Maxxis truly nails the curve of the high-volume tire and the transition from center to edge, which feels natural and predictable. What else can you ask for? How about it is lighter than most of it's competitors?

Well, how about the EXO protection belt, which moves with the supple 120tpi casing to complement the tread pattern at lower pressures? Puncture protection is very good, as is sidewall abrasion protection. Anyone who has ridden mountain EXO series tires by Maxxis knows the value and capability of EXO tires. That system is matched with Tubeless Ready carbon bead design that fits snugly and seals well with most TR rims and ammonia-free sealant. If you have been less than pleased with your high volume gravel race tires or just trust Maxxis from the cross and mountain world, the Rambler 120tpi EXO tire is ready here to carry down the lonely road, at speed.

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  • Gravel-specific tire design for hardpack, loose over hardpack conditions
  • Lightweight, fast-rolling tire that corners well, suited for racing over everyday training
  • Dual compound rubber for speed, low resistance, with grip and feel
  • Tightly packed center knobs are ramped for rolling efficiency on hardpack surfaces
  • Spaced-out side knobs provide predictable cornering in varied terrain
  • Volume is true to size or slightly less depending on rim width
  • Supple 120 tpi EXO puncture and abrasion protection casing
  • Tubeless Ready carbon bead seals up effectively
  • Max pressure: 60psi
  • Sizes: 700x38mm, 700x40mm, 700x45
  • Color: Black, Black/Tan
  • Approximate weight: 38mm 382g / 40mm 410g / 45mm 460g
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