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The latest addition to the Maxxis gravel line is the long-awaited Reaver. With its rapid-rolling, sleek tread design and lightweight construction, the Reaver has quickly become the top choice among many elite and amateur gravel racers.

The Reaver's innovative tread design incorporates diamond knurling to minimize rolling resistance and enhance grip, particularly in dusty or loose terrain. The strategically placed paddle knobs, grouped in sets of three, deliver added traction during hard braking maneuvers. Furthermore, the closely spaced and staggered side knobs ensure consistent performance when navigating corners. Each side knob also features a sipe (groove) to enable flexibility and adaptability to the terrain, ultimately improving traction. Compared to the ever-popular Rambler, the Reaver boasts superior qualities: it rolls faster, weighs less, and offers enhanced puncture resistance in the tread area. While the Rambler remains a versatile choice for mixed or deeper gravel conditions, if your priority is off-road speed, the Reaver stands as the unequivocal selection.

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  • Maxxis's top choice for elite gravel racers with fast-rolling, low-profile tread and lightweight construction.
  • Diamond knurling reduces rolling resistance and enhances grip in dusty or loose conditions.
  • Paddle knobs in sets of three provide extra bite under hard braking, while closely spaced, staggered side knobs ensure consistent cornering.
  • Sipes in side knobs allow flexibility to conform to the terrain, improving traction.
  • Weight: 430g 700x40mm, 495g 700x45mm
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