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The Maxxis Receptor is a semi-slick gravel tire, expertly crafted for versatile performance on various surfaces including pavement, hard-packed dirt roads and light gravel. This tire is engineered with a 120 TPI (threads per inch) tubeless-ready casing, which offers a perfect blend of durability and lightweight flexibility, making it ideal for riders who demand high performance without the added bulk. Incorporating a dual-compound construction, the Receptor provides a balanced combination of longevity and grip. This design ensures that the tire can withstand the rigors of long rides while maintaining consistent traction across a range of surfaces. Whether you're cruising on asphalt or navigating through tricky gravel paths, the tire's dual nature adapts seamlessly.

One of the key features of the Maxxis Receptor is its EXO sidewall protection. This technology adds an extra layer of robustness against punctures and abrasions, particularly in rough terrains where sidewall cuts are common. This protection extends the life of the tire and offers peace of mind during adventurous rides. The tire's low-profile center tread is specifically designed for ease of rolling, ensuring smooth and efficient movement on any surface. The small side knobs are strategically placed to enhance cornering traction, especially in 'loose over hard' terrain, providing confidence and control during turns. Overall, the Maxxis Receptor is a top-tier choice for cyclists seeking a reliable, high-performance gravel tire that excels in both durability and versatility.

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  • 120 TPI tubeless-ready casing for durability and flexibility
  • Dual compound construction balances grip and longevity
  • EXO sidewall protection against punctures and abrasions
  • Low profile center tread for easy rolling on various surfaces
  • Small side knobs enhance cornering traction in mixed terrains
  • Weight: 700x40mm | 429g
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