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Tools & Maintenance Grease & Applicators

Designed specifically for bicycle use, Muc-Off Bio Grease possesses a unique formula that prevents corrosion and water ingress so your bike’s components will last long into the future. Use Muc-Off Bio Grease to increase your performance, and ensure every ride will be smoother than your last. Biodegradable Bicycle Grease is specifically blended for the unique ‘low speed’ applications found on bicycle parts where reducing friction is paramount.

This premium formulation is based on renewable resources, and has a combination of extreme pressure lubricity additives and natural "slip" giving it unrivaled performance in its class. Bio Grease also has the added benefit of being readily biodegradable and extremely resistant to water wash off, which helps prevent corrosion, reduce friction and improve the performance of moving parts. The team at Muc-Off is dedicated to making eco friendly products that won’t harm you, your bike or the planet and Bio Grease is no exception. This new grease is fully biodegradable and free from any harmful petroleum based oils. It is available in your choice of easy to dispense 150ml tube or 450 gram tub.

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  • Biodegradable grease that reduces friction and improves performance of all moving parts that normally require grease- threads, bearings, etc- even cables
  • Ultra slippery formula that holds fast to metal but doesn't feel sticky
  • Prevents corrosion between metal parts
  • Resistant to water "wash off", even under direct spray
  • Options for handy tube, or a shop-style tub
  • Threaded tube top compatible with Muc-Off Grease Gun
  • Tube top cover unscrews to expose an applicator tip
  • Used by professional teams/li>
  • Size: 150ml tube, 450 gram tub
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