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General bike cleaning is best done with a safe, effective, spray cleaner Muc-off's Nano tech Biodegradable Cleaner has become a favorite of both road and mountain bike riders and mechanics because it is safe on virtually everything, environmentally friendly, fast active, highly effective and incredibly pink. Okay, maybe that last one isn't a reason, but it is incredibly pink! The product cuts through the grime and grit of any climate or surface condition breaking down dirt and grime on microscopic levels, while also caring for your bike’s delicate finish.

Nano Tech Biodegradable Cleaner uses the finest ingredients and surfactants, so the Muc-Off formula is a closely guarded trade secret. It is clearly one of the the most effective cleaners available, and it doesn’t need any nasty, dangerous acids or chemicals. Besides being biodegradable, free from acids, CFC’s and solvents, the pink liquid formula is alkaline based so you can clean away with a guilt-free conscience. The product is safe and effective for all surfaces, cables, housing, carbon; clear, paint and anodized finishes, even safe for disc brake pads and rotors, making it a new favorite for cleaning cyclocross, gravel, mountain, and now road disc bikes.

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  • State-of-the-art pink bike cleaner cuts through grime quickly, effectively
  • Biodegradable, alkaline based and free from CFCs, solvents or acids
  • Secret, proprietary Nano Tech Formula cleans on a molecular level
  • Safe on all parts and surfaces including carbon fiber
  • Will not harm seals, cables, brake pads or rotors
  • Safe on anodized metal, paint, clear coat finishes
  • Rinse bike w/ water first, spray on, brush or sponge if necessary, rinse w/ clean water
  • Sizes: 1 Liter with sprayer, 5 Liter refill
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