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Muc-Off develops great siolutions for bike cleaning challenges. You certainly don' t need them all, but some may have more value to you than others. We think this Tire and Cassette Brush is such an item. Scrubbing dirt from your tires and cassette after a long ride can be a chore, so Muc-Off designed a specific brush to help make the job a little easier. Stiffer-than-average nylon bristles make short work of any grime your bike has picked up from the road or trail. Simply spray some of our pink Nano Tech Bike Cleaner on the affected areas, agitate with the Tire & Cassette Brush and rinse with water for best, and quick results.

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  • Well designed brush for cleaning tires and cassettes
  • Molded silicon inserts in the handle for a comfortable and steady grip
  • Fine, stiff nylon bristles work perfectly to reach within tire tread knobs and tight cog-to-cog gaps in a cassette
  • Specialist shape allows for easy application of cleaning product and Muc-Off recommends their Nano tech Bike Cleaner for best results
  • Color: Matt Black
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