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Muc-Off knows how frustrating it is to have a leaky tubeless valve that just doesn’t seal. The bike care company has not only developed their own tubeless sealants, but also set about designing and making their own unique, premium tubeless valves to solve the hassles of valves that don't seal properly and are difficult to work with in a crisis. These smartly conceived and executed tubeless valves are worth the upgrade.

Machined from 6061 aluminum, the stem tube and cap are precise, and outfitted with three rubber seal options that take into account that there are various tubeless ready rim shapes, so you can find the best fit for your rims. The valve tubes feature an alloy base with a 4mm Hex fitment. The threaded top washers have 11mm wrench flats. If you have ever been unable to remove a valve by hand due to old sealant, over-tightening or just plain corrosion, you'll fully grasp the benefit here; no pun intended.

You don't use tools to install, that is managed by hand. Just determine which seal shape is proper for your rim. Install it on the valve and slide the valve up through the valve hole. Apply the rubber o-ring, and hand tighten down with threaded washer. The valve cores are removable, making it easier to inject sealant. Muc-Off supplies three valve caps with each pair of valves. The third cap features a machined slot that can be used as a tool to remove the valve core, so if you prefer to carry a small bottle of sealant for emergencies, just use the special cap as one of your two or keep it in your saddle bag, tool kit of hydration pack. Available in several bold anodized colors so you can bling out your wheelset, the valves are also sold in two lengths: 44mm and 60mm, to best serve your needs. You won't find a better set of tubeless valves, and whether you go with black or a specific color, you'll still have the coolest valves within the group.

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  • High quality anodized tubeless valve stems with informed features
  • 6061 Aluminum machined stem, washers and cap
  • 4mm machined Hex interface in valve tube for removing stuck valves in conjunction with an 11mm wrench that fits the flats on the threaded top washer
  • Spare alloy cap features Valve Core Removal Tool
  • Package contains:
    • 2 valve tubes with removable Presta cores
    • 2 threaded top washers with 11mm wrench flats
    • 2 silicone o-rings
    • 3 different pairs of grommets to best fit rim channel
    • 2 threaded caps
    • Spare alloy cap with valve removal tool slot
  • Length options: 44mm, 60mm, 80mm
  • Colors: Black, Red, Iridescent. Grey
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