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Lock-on grips by ODI are an industry favorite. Riders of all disciplines have turned to ODI for complete control, grip security, and comfort. While there are many imitators, ODI stays ahead of the pack and with the release of the Elite Pro Lock-On Grips, the gap has increased. We aren't talking about a simple grip change or superficial refinement, but a major advancement. ODI has developed a new single inboard clamp Lock-On system referred to as the Version 2.1 Lock-On System. The end result is simpler, yet equally effective installation and grip security, but with the added advantage of more usable grips space and a resulting improved comfort on the outside of the grip. That allowed a complete rethink on how the grip could be shaped for more comfort and better tactile response without increasing grip diameter or bulk.

This design, called the Elite Pro Grip features an ergonomic design that conforms to the hand without feeling bulky, and provides padding and grip where it is needed most. The base surface has a variable knurl pattern that alternates from smooth to sharp texture to provide more traction without irritating your hands. The center of the grip offers two zones- one for the metacarpal/palm and one for finger placement. The former is a raised rubber waffle pattern with contrasting internal grain that takes the pressure off even while gripping. The finger zone has an open waffle pattern that has distinct feel that is greatly appreciated when you are descending with your weight back and secure, yet subtle bar and brake control is the difference between balancing the edge between carving with speed or flying off the trail. ODI finishes with the new Reinforced End, molded out of soft, but durable material to prevent grip blowout.

The feel of the grip sure and comfortable. The softer rubber of the waffled sections has just the right height and compression for most riders. We would say that the ODI Elite Pro Lock-On Grips will favor riders who prefer a more minimal grip (32mm max diameter that tapers down to 30mm), but also want max control and to protect their metacarpal zone without using bulky, squishy gloves. The shaping and variability offer a better ergonomic feel than foam grips or models with a soft, raised pattern that is consistent across the grip. As you'd expect from ODI, the grip base is secure and the rubber has proven durable. The total length of each grip is 130mm, and subtracting the lock-on clamp's dimensions leaves 123mm of usable surface, which is plenty of space for most riders. A low profile clamp end will play nicely with all brake/shifter mounting systems. ODI has truly offered a pro-level grip with well thought out features and execution and those who prefer 30-32mm diameter grips would be advised to test them out.

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  • Version 2.1 Lock-On System uses a single inboard clamp with new rubber grip design
  • Ergonomic design conforms to riders hand without bulk; strategic padding/grip
  • Variable base knurl pattern alternates texture, provides more traction without irritation
  • Half-Waffle pattern on the front of the grip provides extra control when descending
  • Palm/metacarpal zone features waffle pattern with alternating grain for padding
  • Reinforced End molded out of soft, but durable material to prevent grip blowout
  • End cap is integrated giving more effective grip area, than previous locking collar
  • Soft Pro rubber compound
  • Overall length: 130mm, Effective grip zone: 123mm
  • Variable diameter: 30-32mm
  • 3mm bolt interface for Lock-On clamp, bolt prepped with thread locking compound
  • Color: Black
  • 10% lighter than previous version
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