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Orange Seal Tire Sealant is considered one of the top tubeless tire sealants available, and has a very loyal, committed following. The key for many users is that the product stays liquid longer, more continually and universally coating the inside of a tire. The secret to Orange Seal's performance is the use of Nanites and premium latex. Nanites consist of multiple sizes and shapes of solid particles. When a puncture occurs, the nanites quickly seal the hole keeping the air in the tire and you rolling down the trail or road. A proprietary premium latex formula was developed to co-exist with the "nanites" and clot the puncture at warp speed. The mixture has a long life span and is sustainable at extreme altitude and temperatures.

The excellent twist lock applicator helps prevent spills. It comes with a section of tube so you can add sealant without removing the tire. All you have to do is remove the valve core and attached the hose to the valve and bottle. Just twist open the cap and squeeze. The four ounce size is perfect for one large 29'er tire. You can even bring it with you on the trail for those riding companions who neglect their bi-annual sealant maintenance.

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  • High quality, effective tubeless tire sealant ideal for XC, road or gravel use
  • Nanites quickly seal the hole keeping the air in the tire
  • Proven to seal a 1/4" (6.35mm) tire puncture
  • Premium long life latex clots the puncture at warp speed
  • Includes locking design to preserve integrity in the bottle and atube to inject through valve stems with a removable core
  • Contains planet friendly biodegradable ingredients
  • Size: 4oz w/ Twist Lock Applicator
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