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Orange Seal has become a serious player in the tubeless tire world, with excellent sealant options, rim tape, and the VersaValve upgrade/replacement tubeless valve kits. A VersaValve kit consists of a valve stem with a large, sturdy base plate that can be fitted with different shaped rubber grommets. The large base plate ensures a solid contact with the rim bed and the adaptable grommets provide an airtight fit on all shapes and depths of rim. You get two removable extra valve cores with the complete kit, as well as a removal tool.

The aluminum valves and nuts are lightweight, precision made, and stronger than most lightweight valves. The included instruction diagram guides you through proper set-up, and you will be pleased to see that the threaded nuts have 9mm box wrench flats for proper tightening. VersaValve kits will work on most rims: mountain, road or gravel/CX. Grommets are easily replaceable and the various stem length kit options mean valve extenders are no longer necessary on deep section wheels.

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  • Modular tubeless valve upgrade/replacement kit with solid features, options
  • Wide flat base plate with larger internal cylinder opening for increased airflow while pressuring
  • Designed and equipped for most mountain, road or gravel wheels
  • Each VersaValve kit includes following:
    • 2 Stems, 2 nuts, 2 o-rings
    • 2 conical and 2 rectangular modular grommets
    • 4 valve cores
    • RVC tool
    • Instruction diagram
  • Nuts have 9mm wrench flats for proper/effective tightening of system
  • Aluminum valve and nuts are lightweight, precision made
  • Kit options by valve length: 32, 48, 60, 80 mm
  • Finish: Anodized Black (Orange nuts)
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