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Reducing friction is a huge issue for many triathletes, cyclists, runners, and every day working folks. If you have skin irritation from friction, especially when you sweat, Chamois Butt'r has perhaps the best anti-chafe skin lubricant we have come across. The truth is there are some great options already, but what the cycling skin care experts at Chamois Butt'r has formulated a better lubricant that is both fragrance free and has the highest melting point of any such product. GoStik’s non-viscous, non-greasy spot lubricant stays where you put it, and will not stain skin or clothing. Applied where required like a simple dry deodorant stick, the user can hyper specific about location, as the product stays in place, an din the form it was applied for long hours of high output use.

GoStik Anti-Chafe Skin Lubricant is commonly used around clothing neck openings, under arms, between thighs, backs of ankles, balls of feet, or anywhere skin rubs against skin, fabric, leather, rubber, etc. It is as popular with those who wear uniforms and can be laden with equipment like soldiers, rescue personnel, carpenters, mechanics, and so on. For cyclists, it is not recommended for chamois pad use, after all Chamois Butt'r was built on just that, chamois creams. Just like their other products, GoStik can washed off with warm water and soap, is paraben free, gluten free and contains no artificial colors or fragrances. Chamois Butt’r products are produced in a state of the art facility, with strict quality assurance, adhering to the FDA’s Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines. No animal testing is used in developing these products. You can eliminate chafing and stay comfortable at the most challenging of times while supporting an American business built by cyclists. Win, win.

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  • Solid stick lubricant designed to eliminate uncomfortable chafing, skin irritation
  • Excellent for endurance athletes, uniformed types, laborers, etc
  • Fragrance-free formula with a higher melting point than our competitors
  • Non-viscous, non-greasy spot lubricant stays put, will not stain skin or clothing
  • Apply liberally to skin wherever chafing occurs
  • Wash off skin and clothing with soap and water
  • Size: 2.5oz stick
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