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The Panaracer GravelKing SK R Tubeless Tire represents a significant evolution in the GravelKing series, employing new casing technology to become the fastest and most supple tire in the lineup. Designed for optimal performance on gravel, dirt, and rough pavement, this tire is built to handle the challenges of varied terrain while offering a remarkably smooth ride.

Tubeless Ready and capable of handling up to 60 PSI, the GravelKing SK R ensures reliability and comfort during extended rides across less-than-perfect surfaces. It features bead-to-bead protection with a new, supremely supple and lightweight casing that significantly reduces rolling resistance, making it the most efficient GravelKing tire to date.

Available in 700C sizes and various widths to accommodate different riding styles and conditions, this tire also comes in an aesthetically pleasing Black Tread with Brown Sidewall. The folding aramid bead enhances durability without adding unnecessary weight, and the tire is compatible with both TLR and hookless setups. Whether tackling loose gravel paths or rugged country roads, the GravelKing SK R Tubeless Tire offers cyclists a superior blend of speed, flexibility, and protection.

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  • Employs new casing technology for enhanced speed and suppleness
  • Tubeless Ready, capable of handling up to 60 PSI
  • Ideal for gravel, dirt, and rough pavement conditions
  • Features bead-to-bead protection with a lightweight and supple casing
  • Available in 700C sizes and various widths to suit different preferences
  • Comes in Black Tread with Brown Sidewall and includes a folding aramid bead for durability
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