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Park's AWS-8 3-Way Ball End Hex Wrench set is ideal for those tough-to-get-at Hex bolts that are all too common in bike applications. When loosening such a bolt, a standard end Hex wrench is best to break the torque hold. The the ball driver can be used more easily to fully remove the bolt. The opposite pattern holds true to for installation. Why? A ball driver tool end can be broken off if too much torque is used, and there is greater chance for stripping the bolt head as well. Think angles and efficiency with the AWS-8, not high torque and power. Bike mechanics love this tool for bike assembly before final torque application, or when breaking a bike down. The three common end tools ensure you have almost every tool you need without changing out during the work.

The well-engineered Bondhus-style ball-end design allows for an angle entry up to 25 degrees. Like Park's best selling AWS-1, the AWS-3 wrench combines the three most common Hex wrench sizes: 4mm, 5mm, and 6mm, in an easy-to-use "Y" design for needed leverage on stubborn bolts. The tool extensions are made of industrial quality hardened steel, with precise ball-end tool faces. The tools are permanently mounted in hard molded vinyl handle that has been sculpted and shaped for proper ergonomics so you have control and feel of the tool, as well as whatever power you need. The mild texture allows the AWS-3 to be used confidently, even when grease is present.

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  • 3-way tool Hex tool with ball driver ends for low torque, angled bolt access
  • Great for awkward angles
  • Tools made from industrial tool steel; through-hardened, tempered for long life
  • Ergonomic. molded nylon handle has light textured for feel, control, leverage
  • 4mm, 5mm, and 6mm 3-way Hex ball driver tools on permanent handle
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