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Some cranksets are just different. Okay, they are all different, with various ways to attach and secure multi-piece designs. Some RaceFace and SRAM/Truvativ cranksets feature a 16mm internal hex cap that acts as a self-extractor, and while there some mechanics out there with a 16mm hex key, most of these style extractor caps have a very short receiving length. Park Tool is there for all of the rest of us, with the BBT-16 Self Extracting Crank Cap Tool, a design that resembles a large wingnut with a short 16mm hex interface built specifically for these crank options.

Made from investment cast steel, and finished for long-term use and corrosion resistance, the BBT-16 will stand-up to regular use and getting knocked around in your tool box. This is definitely a tool that when you need it, you really need it, because there are few options, and none work as well. Park built the center with an 8mm hex key interface so you can get extra leverage and power when you need it, while the butterfly handle works just fine for starting or finishing. The cast finish has a light texture to it, so it feels secure in hand so you can get the job done. Bike specific tools from Park make the life of a shop tech much easier and if you have do service at home and have a crankset with the 16mm internal hex self extractor cap, you really need to add the BBT-16 to your workbench or tool box.

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  • Removes and installs the self-extracting/one-key release caps on SRAM and RaceFace cranks with a 16mm hex internal cap
  • Short hex extension fits extractor perfectly
  • Investment cast steel construction, durable finish for long term use and storage
  • Center portion offers option to use 8mm hex wrench for added leverage if needed
  • Perfect size, with easy to use butterfly handles
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