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When Shimano introduced their 10-speed Dura-Ace 7800 group in 2004 it marked the start of widespread use of threaded external bottom bracket cups. Over time more outside diameter cup sizes have been produced, prompting Park Tool to offer more tool options. This dual-end hand tool, the BBT-29 Bottom Bracket Tool was developed to meet two newer standards: a 39mm OD, 16-notch system; and a 48.5mm OD 16 notch system. The two tool ends are obviously small and large, so identification is quick and simple.

The 360° tool end splines are faced perfectly for a clean, firm fit in the notches of the cups. Leverage and power from the BBT-29's length is just right for removal and installation. The hardened steel tool is plated at finish for great durability and corrosion resistance. For mechanics and home enthusiasts who prefer a great hand tool over a ratchet style system, the BBT-29 is ideal, and hold two tool ends, not just one, for greater value and versatility.

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  • Dual-end tool for two threaded external bottom bracket cup size standards
  • Hardened steel construction with precise tooling, plated for durability, corrosion resistance
  • Both ends of the tool are box-end style for 360 degree engagement
  • Smaller box end fits 39mm diameter 16 notch cups (Shimano BB9000, BB9100, XTR MT-900, and others that copy that sizing)
  • Larger box end fits 48.5mm diameter, 16 notch cups like FSA Mega-Evo
  • No adapters required
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