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There are so many bearing systems found on bikes and wheels these days that many shops just make a large investment in the "one set to rule them all". But home mechanics and even some shops buy only the tools they truly need. That is why Park Tool offers individual tool sets for various common applications. The BBT-90.3 is designed to remove and install the bearings and bearing units used in BB90, BB92, Shimano Press Fit, SRAM Press Fit GXP, Race Face Press Fit and other press fit bottom bracket systems.

The BBT-90.3 includes two installation bushings, which are used in conjunction with general bearing press handles or Park's HHP-2, HHP-3, or Pro Bearing Cup Press to press the bearings into the frame. Also included is a bearing removal tool, which slides through and expands behind the bearing (like a headset cup remover) so it can be gently tapped out with a hammer. With so many Trek and other bikes using the bearing systems, listed, the BBT-90.3 is a strong seller with home mechanics who want the proper tool for the job.

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  • Bottom bracket bearing toolset for several PressFit bearing systems
  • Quality steel construction with corrosion resistant finish
  • Two installation bushing included (requires bearing press handles- not included)
  • Fits a variety of press fit bottom brackets such as: BB90, BB92, Shimano PressFit, SRAM PF GXP, Race Face PressFit and other brand versions of the same type
  • Includes: bearing removal tool, PressFit installation bushings
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