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Campagnolo's bearings have an incredible, and well earned, reputation for durability and ultra-low friction. If you have a Campagnolo or Fulcrum Ultra-Torque™, or first generation Campy Power Torque™ crankset, you know the bearings are pressed on each half of the crank spindle close the crankarm. When fully installed, the bearings sit in threaded or pressed-in bottom bracket cups and have excellent protection from the elements, but it is always possible that your bearings could be exposed to the elements and damaged. Truly dedicated cyclists may also put in enough miles to warrant bearing replacement or even desire a ceramic upgrade. Whatever the case, if you want to replace the bearings, you really need proper tools, otherwise you will likely damage the crank arms. Park Tool makes the CBP-8 Campagnolo Crank and Bearing Tool Set for you to safely remove and properly install your bearings.

The CBP-8 has been improved from past iterations with Power Torque™ crank removal compatibility, as well as extra protection for both carbon and aluminum crankarms. The removal tool has been made stronger, the better to free up stuck bearing assemblies without fear of inconsistent pressure from the two-hook system. The removal tool essentially self-centers, and Park includes all the fitments you will need for either crank system. The steel installation slide remains the same, and precisely mates with the new bearings for a proper install. This tool set is affordable, truly well made, and absolutely required for any home mechanic or shop who needs to service Ultra-Torque™ and/or Power Torque™ crank bearings.

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  • Complete bearing removal/installation tool set for Ultra-Torque, Power Torque cranks
  • Contains all fittings and tools necessary to remove and install both systems
    • Bearing puller that fits both Power Torque and Ultra-Torque
    • Crank puller for Power Torque
    • Bearing setter for both Power Torque and Ultra-Torque
    • Removal adaptor for Power Torque crank bearings
    • Removal protection pads for use with carbon cranks
    • Removal protection adaptor for use with aluminum crank arms
    • Crank removal extension plug for Power Torque
  • Forged steel and machined components
  • Follow all instructions for safe and proper use
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