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Cutting metal of any kind is an exercise in precision and tool wear. Keep your tools safe and your work clean with proper cutting lubricant for best results. Park Tool has been carrying bike-specific cutting, reaming, facing, threading and tapping tools for years and offers the CF-2 Cutting Fluid in this 8oz bottle for every day or occasional use. The big improvement from the venerable CF-1 is that the CF-2 is a soy-based, environmentally friendly fluid that gets the job done with much less overall negative impact, and makes it safer to handle and use. We can all get behind that.

Sharpening cutting, reaming, and facing tools is both expensive and time consuming, and no shop wants to be sending off tools at the busiest times. Park Tool CF-2 can be effectively used on all metals, and enables any frame cutting tool to work better and last longer. Spare your cutting tools and expensive frames and components by using the proper cutting lubricant for the job.

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  • Quality cutting fluid that to be used when performing any metal cutting prcoess
  • Great for all metal cutting, tapping, facing, threading, or reaming procedures
  • Environmentally friendly, soy-based cutting fluid
  • Preserves tools and cutting surfaces by reducing heat and friction
  • Extends life of tool faces between sharpening, saving you time and money
  • Apply as needed throughout any machining procedure, but not to excess
  • CF-2 is not ORM-D restricted, and may be ground or air shipped
  • Size: 8 oz. plastic bottle (with a flip-top spout)
  • Always use gloves & eye protection, wash off skin with soap and water ASAP
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