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Our favorite consumer chain cleaning system for years was the Park Tool CM-5/CM-5.2. The lightweight and reliable plastic tool held up great for home and travel use. Park has now built a shop quality version with a die cast aluminum case and handle that handle the daily load of a busy bike shop. Smartly, the Minnesota bike service experts created a simple, easily changed cartridge that carries a new brush and sponge system. The proven four-sided scrubbing action makes thoroughly cleaning chains quick and easy. We feel most serious and dedicated home mechanics will opt for the CM-25 Professional Chain Scrubber for their mini-fleet of well-used bikes.

The hinged CM-25 couldn't be easier to use, and it secures properly with a solid feel. Park's CB-4 Bio ChainBrite is the recommended cleaning product, but most non-toxic cleaners can be used with strong results. The replacement brush/sponge cartridge comes in upper and lower pieces, and both are also easy to replace with firm push and click engagement. This RBS-25 part is widely available and costs under $19. It is time to change the cartridge when the sponges are well worn and the brushes are less effective. For shops, that may be once a month, for home techs, it all depends on how much you use it, but we recommend at least once a year, or twice if you commute daily, race cross or simply take chain cleaning seriously.

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  • Proven chain scrubbing system/technology leaves chains sparkling clean
  • Shop quality cleaner built to give years of constant use
  • Durable A380 aluminum die cast case and removable handle
  • Dual sided sponges and wicking pads to help reduce drips
  • Rotating brushes clean on all four sides of every link
  • 100% serviceable
  • Brush and sponge cartridge quickly and easily clicks in and out (RBS-25)
  • Park recommend their CB-4 Bio Chain Brite Cleaner
  • Easy to use, clean, and service
  • Add cleaner as needed, snap cover over chain, and backpedal chain through, then remove CM-25 and backpedal the chain through a clean rag to remove cleaner/grime
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