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The engineers at Park Tool designed this saw blade to specifically and efficiently cut carbon fiber steerers, ISP's, seatposts, and handlebars. The construction of the body is treated Tungsten steel. The blades are coated and cut through carbon with smooth precision. It is for use with carbon tubes only - attempting to cut steel, and especially aluminum or alloy tubes will damage the blade. The CSB-1 fits all Park Tool hack saws and most 12" hacksaws as well.

Blade durability is excellent when using it cut carbon fiber, and again it should never be used to cut aluminum. Please keep in mind that the blade is wider than a standard hacksaw blade, so if you have an older cutting guide the existing slot is likely too narrow. Park does offer cutting guides with wider channels specifically for use with the CSB-1 blade.

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  • Tungsten steel hacksaw blade specifically for cutting carbon fiber
  • Fits nearly 12" hacksaws, including the Park SAW-1
  • Designed for use with cutting guides with specific, wider slots: Park SG-8, SG-7.2
For use on carbon fiber or approved materials only. Do NOT use to cut aluminum.
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