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As the times and technology advance, so must the best shop tools. The workhorse CT-3 series chain tools is not on it's third iteration, hence the CT-3.3 Chain Tool from Park. The finer points aside the the CT-3.3 is still built to last and easy to use, carrying forward the comfortable handle, investment cast steel body and replaceable driving pin that have made this the ubiquitous chain tool in bike ships and tool kits around the world.

The major reason for the upgrade on the tool for 2019 is the release of SRAM AXS 12-speed and the new FlatTop chain design. The CT-3.3 works on 5-speed to 12-speed Road and Mountain Bike derailleur chains*, including SRAM AXS 12, as well as 1/8" and 3/16" chains. The CT-3.3 features an adjustable locating shelf so it works on any width chain to remove and install chain rivets. (#CTP). Return to Top


  • Updated version of Park's workhorse shop-grade chain tool
  • Drives pins in or out of chain links for sizing or connection
  • Compatible with 5-speed to 12-speed Road, Mountain Bike chains, SRAM AXS 12
  • SRAM's AXS 12 FlatTop chain requires tool that accepts the flat edge link plates
  • Comfortable shaped wide, flat handle; T- drive crossbar has vinyl dipped grip
  • Investment cast steel body ensures years of everyday durability
  • Adjustable locating shelf works on any width chain to remove-install chain rivets
  • Replaceable driving pin available (#CTP)
  • *CT-3.3 will install, not peen, Campagnolo 11,12-spd chain rivets (see CT-4.3, CT-6.3)
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