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When you use chain tools regularly, you realize a tool with a replaceable (and easily available) replacement pin is a good investment. That is Park Tool has long offered shop and home mechanics- readily available replacement parts. It is much appreciated. Sold here as an individual pin in the CTP, you can ensure long life and many uses of your favorite Park Chain Tool.We highly recommend buying one for replacement and one as a back-up, because of Murphy's Law, which often rears up when you really just want to ride.

The hardened alloy tool used for these pins delivers clean, precise pin engagement whether you are driving out a pin to size a chain, or installing a new pin to secure the links. The CTP pin fits Park Tool's CT-1, CT-2, CT-3, CT-3.2, CT-5 and CT-7 Chain Tools. Removal of a damaged or worn existing pin, and installation of the new pin is best achieved with a 7mm (or 9/32") 12-point socket. The new pin should thread in easily and cleanly, and be perfectly straight when finished. Some shop techs use a mild thread locking compound to secure the threads, but for home users, this is likely overkill. Just make sure you install the replacement properly and just as you do with other tools and bike components, give the pin a quick visual check before use.

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  • Park Tool replacement chain tool pin for listed models
  • Install/remove with 7mm or (9/32") 12-point socket
  • Fits Park Tool's CT-1, CT-2, CT-3, CT-3.2, CT-5 and CT-7 Chain Tools
  • Made from hardened alloy tool steel, precision thread and tool point
  • Sold as individual pin
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